Need-based bursaries are offered to families who demonstrate a gap between their available income and the expected cost of an STS education.

Qualification is determined by the Financial Assistance Committee in conjunction with a recommendation from Apple Financial Services. Families apply for assistance through Apple Financial’s Financial Assistance for Canadian Students (FACS) application found on their website (www.applefinancialservices.ca). Apple Financial, in turn, makes a recommendation for bursary directly to STS. The Financial Assistance Committee reviews each application and awards assistance in accordance with School policy.

If unsure about your family’s potential to qualify for a bursary, please complete the FACS so that we can begin the conversation.

Financial documentation is held in the strictest of confidence.

Please feel free to contact the Enrollment Office (403-938-8326 or admissions@sts.ab.ca) at any time with questions or if you would like additional information.

Apply for Financial Assistance