Need-based bursaries are offered to families who demonstrate a gap between their available income and the expected cost of a STS education.

Qualification is determined by the Financial Assistance Committee in conjunction with a recommendation from Apple Financial Services. Families apply for assistance through Apple Financial’s Financial Assistance for Canadian Students (FACS) application found on their website (www.applefinancialservices.ca). Apple Financial in turn makes a recommendation for bursary directly to STS. The Financial Assistance Committee reviews each application and awards assistance in accordance with School policy.

If unsure about your family’s potential to qualify for bursary, please complete the FACS so that we can begin the conversation.

Financial documentation is held in the strictest of confidence.

Please feel free to contact the Enrollment Office (403-938-8326 or admissions@sts.ab.ca) at any time with questions or if you would like additional information.

Apply for Financial Assistance