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Beacom Family Outdoor Education Scholarship Fund

Beacom Family Outdoor Education Scholarship Fund

Beacom Family Outdoor Education Scholarship Fund
Giving the gift of outdoor adventure to future students

After travelling the world and being a part of many school communities, Mark and Sharon Beacom returned to Calgary, and were delighted to re-enroll their sons Billy ’10 and Mitchell ’13 back ‘home’ at STS. With a love of the outdoors always being a common thread in the Beacom family, both Billy and Mitchell participated in the STS Outdoor Education (OE) program.

“It was always important for our family to be connected with nature and to lead a balanced life – STS encouraged these values,” say Mark and Sharon. “Also having enrolled our children in a number of different schools around the world, we can safely say that STS teachers are unmatched – both in the caliber of their teaching and their commitment to students. Being in OE further enriched our sons' relationships with their teachers, as they were given a great opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom.”

As STS moves toward its goal of welcoming a more socio-economically diverse student body with the help of needs-based scholarships, the Beacom family want to ensure full participation in STS’ beloved OE program is not limited due to financial limitations. 

The family established a $50,000 endowed scholarship, whose interest is more than ample to fund the extra expense of OE 15 for one student.  As the endowment grows, awards may benefit more than one student annually. 

“We strongly feel that the OE program is one of the School’s greatest strengths. While at STS, our boys not only adopted a life-long love for learning, but also a passion for the outdoors. We want to ensure that future generations of STS students can enjoy the same kind of experiences our sons benefitted from.”