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STS Alumni Citizens of the World

STS Alumni Citizens of the World

Stories, conversation and laughter are abound whenever STS alumni gather.  This certainly was the case for alumni gathering in London, UK on Friday, October 6, 2017. 

Thirteen alumni attended the event at Home House, downtown London to reconnect and socialize.  Guest of honour, Dr. William Jones, Head of Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, welcomed all guests and provided updates on the School. A common theme among the conversations was how well STS prepared them for university and life beyond and gave them the courage to explore careers halfway around the globe. It was interesting to hear their perspectives on everything from BREXIT to climate change. Each of them should be proud of their confidence, wisdom, accomplishments and, above all, their character. They are truly citizens of the world and they are making a positive impact in so many different areas as are many other STS alumni around the globe. 

Thank you to the alumni who attended including Rosalyn (Rahme) Dwan ’79, Scott McDermid ’88, Stefan Romocki ’94, Sandra Engstrom ’98, Will Hares ‘03, Robert Hares ’06, Jenna Amlani ’12, Shiv Ruparell ’15, and Molly Calkins ‘16.  A special thank you to our hosts, Caroline (Wuensche) ’88 and Michael Haas.