"STS in Perspective" A 50th Anniversary Art Tribute

"STS in Perspective" A 50th Anniversary Art Tribute

By: Kamran S. '25

After reading the message sent out about sending an art proposal for the School in celebration of its 50th Anniversary, I decided that I wanted to create something that would overall reflect the School’s fiftieth year.

The intent of my piece of art is to bring together a collective school identity. My art piece is a smaller model of the School with students and teachers coming into the School. It is elevated by an 80 cm wooden frame. It features a thin layer of pre-terrain on which the entire structure was built. It also features real-life-like terrain that has been created to match the actual School grounds. On this, there are hills, grass, roads, trees, cars, busses, students, teachers, and everything to replicate the School as much as possible. The School itself has students arriving and walking towards the doors, as if in motion. Although it features the School building and the surrounding areas, it does not include the entire campus (the forest around the School).

This entire model tells the story of students regularly arriving at school, ready to learn, collaborate, and participate in their classes. It shows that students and faculty work together to create a better, healthy, academic environment that supports learning and innovation. It also features the new and old wings of the building which are significant because the newer wings of the School have been built off of the foundations of the old wing. The people arriving at the School embody our mission, "a diverse community where students pursue lives of purpose and flourish emotionally, physically, and intellectually.” This prepares students for a life of saying yes and a life of excellence. Even as time has progressed, and different parts of the building have been used for different functions, we still have the same commitment, devotion, and passion for Nothing but our best (Nil Nisi Optimum). 

Creating this art piece was truly eye opening for me. It was a remarkable hands-on experience with many opportunities to reflect on the beauty of our campus and School buildings. It helped me visualize the School with a new perspective, and I hope it will help the STS community gain a new perspective of the School as well; hence the name “STS in Perspective”. I have learned so much about the many details that have gone into what we proudly call our school today. As an STS lifer, I consider it one of my top priorities to represent STS, in and out of the School. I will be attending all of the upcoming 50th Anniversary events, including the June 4 Family Fun Day. It really means a lot for me to be able to create one of the School’s 50th Anniversary art projects. Always, Nil Nisi Optimum, Nothing but our best, and for this project, I gave it nothing but my best. I truly value the School’s campus and what it has to offer and this is what motivated me to create this piece.


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