Upcoming Events

Black History Month 2022

The theme this year is “February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day.” I find this a very valuable statement. Take the time to learn about the many accomplishments and important stories of the Black people of Canada. The Government of Canada website includes lots of information to get started with. After discovering these, keep them in your heart not only during this month but remember them every day! 

Spartan Talk Sessions Inspire

Last week our Grade 11 and 12 students had the pleasure of hearing from 17 alumni at our annual “Spartan Talk” sessions. Held in a virtual format, students had the opportunity to attend one of four alumni panels; Allied Health, STEM, Fine Arts and Humanities, and Law, Finance and Business. Alumni shared with students their journey from STS into their current roles.

Designing for the Future

At Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS), we seek to create an environment that encourages engaging and empowered learning, while prioritizing future-ready skills for our students. Through transformative spaces such as DaVinci Studios, Maker Spaces, and Innovations Studios, we can create programming that achieves this goal across all three divisions at STS.

A Bright Future for All Students

“In the Enrollment office at STS, I see the profound impact of removing financial barriers for amazing students to attend our school first-hand. Our financial assistance program literally changes the lives of many incredible young people, and they in turn, add to our community in countless positive ways. With a focus on great kids attending STS, not on their ability to pay, we are attracting the brightest, and most innovative, creative and caring students in the region. That sets our school apart.”

Global Hub in a Natural Setting

Through the generous gifting of exceptional land and facilities by our community, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS) is well-positioned to be a global hub of teaching and learning excellence in a natural setting. Our grounds, pond, woods, trails and creek are all excellent schoolmasters, helping faculty to teach Spartans about how to live on the land we inhabit and how to steward that land for future generations.

Grade 6 Encore Maker Market

Encore is a co-curricular option that gives students agency in their learning. As part of the Elementary School Encore group, Grade 6 students chose to donate their own time and resources creating products for sale to our school community through a Maker Market. Embodying our vision, mission, and motto, the students brought awareness and support to four different causes through the sale of their products.

Grade 1 Students Explore Decomposition and Algorithms

Recently, students in Grade 1 explored the computational thinking concepts of decomposition and algorithms. First, they reflected and discussed how other areas of their learning were broken down into their parts, such as story writing, numbers in math, and the PYP Approaches to Learning skills. After this review, they took on the challenge: decomposition of a device - old handheld games and phones. Using their hands, screwdrivers, flashlights, and wearing safety goggles, the students “decomposed” their device step by step.

Students Bring Social Studies Concepts to Life Through Podcasts

Grade 10 students have been spotted in many different classrooms of late, steadfastly recording collaborative podcasts under the careful direction and guidance of Mr. Boulianne. The collaborative production of podcasts is a fresh pedagogical approach that allows students to debate and argue questions of interest raised in the Historical Globalization unit.

Elementary School Encore Group Winter Giving Campaign

Giving back to the community made me feel amazing, helpful, and all warm and fuzzy inside. Purchasing gifts and imagining seeing the smile on people’s faces when they receive them is an exceptional feeling. I encourage anyone to help their community in any way they can. When a community comes together, many small donations can go a long way.

STS's Incredible Volleyball Game

You could see the desire to win was so great on the girl’s faces as well as the people on the bench. They knew they were tired but the comeback that they had was so immense that winning this set was in reach. The serve went over and the ball got battered around between the two sides. Then the ball was smashed just out of bounds by one of the Saint Joseph’s girls. This meant that the Spartans won the set 32-30. The amount of sheer joy and excitement on the players and the coaches faces was priceless. This seemingly impossible win from a 10-point deficit propelled our girls to win the next set and by default, the game.

Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss

When we got to the game, the kids were beyond excited to see a number of their STS friends in our section. We were greeted by Brian Uzick, Community Engagement Coordinator for 50th Anniversary of STS and Brenda Thompson, Director Community Engagement, as well as a few other STS staff and faculty. When the game started the kids were screaming, dancing, and anxiously awaiting the time to start tossing.

Junior B Girls Volleyball - League Champions

The Junior B Girls volleyball team had a very successful season. With league starting late this year, they competed in two tournaments prior to starting regular season. They learned a lot about their own individual skills and game play, but even more so about how they connect as a team, finishing the regular season undefeated! Coach Baird and I were so impressed with the girls play, effort, teamwork, and grit all season. 

Junior A Girls Volleyball - League and Zone Champions

Our Grade 9 volleyball season was a straight hill climb with coach Rathwell leading the way. We all stayed together and worked as a team to bring the banner to STS. We competed in two out of town tournaments. Our first one was in Strathmore and it was early in the season so we were able to practice our new court rotation. We then competed in Three Hills and overtook Hanna in the final to win the tournament with some outstanding serving. Our team went undefeated in the regular league season.

No Stone Left Alone Remembrance Day Ceremony

On November 5, Grade 7 students took part in a special No Stone Left Alone ceremony to honour the sacrifice and service of Canada's military. Students placed poppies on headstones in the Field of Honour at the Okotoks Cemetery. Through this experience, students became deeply aware of the selflessness and bravery of those who served to defend our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Masters Autumnal Debate Tournament Garners Top Results for STS Middle School Debate Club

On Friday, November 5, the STS Middle School Debate Club participated in the first Canadian Nationals style debate competition of the season. 12 STS Middle School students participated in the Masters Autumnal Invitational Debate tournament in both the beginner and open divisions. Our debaters were well-prepared and handled their debates with great finesse and strategy.

Yoga in the Aspen Lodge for STS's 50th Anniversary

On a crisp November morning, my yoga mat tucked under my arm, I headed to Aspen Lodge after completing school drop-off.  When I opened the door to the cozy lodge I was warmed by the fireplace and welcomed into the room by Brian Uzick, Community Engagement Coordinator for the 50th Anniversary celebrations.  Several parents had already unrolled their mats and were chatting and settling in for a peaceful hour of movement and mindfulness.

Beer Tasting & Unveiling of the STS Anniversary Beer

It all started with a phone call from our daughter Randi Hardy (Thorbjornsen) ’13 “Hey mom, we are coming up to see you in a couple of weeks”.  We were excited to see our out of town family, but in reality they were not making the drive from Lethbridge to see us, but to partake in the STS Alumni Association Beer Tasting & Unveiling of the STS Anniversary Beer event.

Inaugural Global Ismaili CIVIC Day

"Fresh produce for all!" these words echoed in my head as I dug out carrots from the ground to add to the ever-growing pile of fresh veg next to me. My brother and I were among a group of 60 volunteers on CIVIC day helping to fulfill the mission of Grow Calgary to grow food and give it away to the hungry.