A letter from STS HOP

A letter from STS HOP

Dear Friends,

IMG 7397We are writing to you today as members of this year’s elementary HOP club, otherwise known as the Humanitarian Outreach Projects.  We hope the story we are about to share will inspire YOU to look for ways to take action. 

It is our goal to work together to make our world a little better, by helping others in need.  This year, we learned about a unique organization that provides food to students who don’t have the money to bring lunch or snacks to school.   This great organization is called Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids.  Did you know that 4,200 kids in Calgary, (yes - that’s just Calgary), are given snacks or lunch each day because otherwise, they would go hungry all day. 

Think about a time when you were hungry.  Your brain doesn’t think clearly.  You don’t have the energy to play or run.  Your emotions make you act in ways that are not quite your usual you.  This happens to hungry children in our city every day. 

IMG 7401

We decided to take action!  Our HOP team read about a special program offered through Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids called “Lunch is Love Snack Bags”.  Lunch Is Love snack bags are “to-go” snack packs for kids and youth that contain a couple different types of snacks. We collected over $700 to purchase snacks that could be packed in a brown bag, and sent to schools and kids all over the city.  We chose applesauce, fruit cups, granola bars, fruit gummies, fish crackers and even some gluten-free treats as well. 

Together, we decided to write kind messages on the bags so that the kids who receive them don’t just get a snack, they also get a special note that lets them know that someone out there cares for them and hopes they can have a healthy day. 

We are proud of our team because we learned about a problem, decided how to take action and worked as a team to pack over 500 snack bags! 



The HOP team