Grade 6 Camp Adventures

Grade 6 Camp Adventures

By: Mason L. '28

In October, Grade 6 students participated in their annual outdoor camp which included various activities around the STS campus and the Nihahi Ridge hiking trail near Kananaskis.

STS chose to give the students this opportunity to enhance their Unit of Inquiry learning by being in an outdoor environment. All of the activities were pre-planned and organized by the PHE (Physical Health and Education), homeroom, and specialist teachers. The children participated in activities such as kayaking, hiking, and running an adventure race. After partially finishing the hike, students were given the choice to either summit the ridge or go down to a small creek to draw. After hiking, everyone loved roasting marshmallows by the fire and relaxing with their friends.  Everyone was so excited that they were able to participate in such an amazing camp!

During this period of time, the Grade 6 community was able to learn many virtues, including adapting a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and socialization. Overall, everyone had a blast with each other doing all of the fun-filled things that the camp had to offer. 

nihahi ridge students