B.C. Universities Tour

B.C. Universities Tour

On Thursday, February 24, 26 STS Grade 11 students accompanied by three STS faculty met at the Calgary International airport for the 2022 B.C. Universities Tour. Over the course of three days students toured multiple universities including Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, the University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus (UBC-O) in Kelowna, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Capilano University in Vancouver, Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, and the University of Victoria (UVIC) in Victoria. 

By: Joseph C. ’23

Being able to travel with a group again outside of a classroom setting was really fun and we were able to learn more about the universities while still enjoying ourselves. 

Like my fellow classmates, I attended the trip to gather more information on various universities in British Columbia, to see if I was interested in attending any of them. Seeing the campuses in person gave us all a more realistic feel for the area and we were able to gauge our interest more effectively. The tours and tour guides were very helpful as we thoroughly explored each campus, its residency areas, and places where we might be studying in the near future. We also had opportunities to try the food which became a big plus… or minus.

Overall, it was an excellent trip with lots of good memories and important information about our future. New friendships were formed and old one’s deepened and I believe everyone really enjoyed themselves. In the end, I learned that UBC, UBC-O, and UVIC are all universities that I’m interested in attending. 

The 2022 B.C. Universities Tour was a fun, engaging, and valuable experience. I would definitely recommend future students to attend any university tours of interest as they’ll get a lot of information and enjoyment out of them. 

 CapU BC Universities Tour 2022