Children's incredible education journeys start here by Lara (Hamnett) Unsworth '95

Children's incredible education journeys start here by Lara (Hamnett) Unsworth '95

I have the best job in the world - showing off "my school". As an STS alumna, it has been my absolute privilege to work with families on their important journey to choose the right school for their children. 

This year the Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS) Enrollment office has been in full swing with more than 200 prospective families visiting the school on personal tours. On these tours, I am continually buoyed by people's positive reactions - to our beautiful campus, incredible facilities, warm and welcoming community, passionate teachers, and more importantly, the genuinely happy and confident children they see at every turn. 

We, the "already converted", truly believe that STS students find their passions, give back to their communities, make friends for life, seek out a life of purpose, and strive for excellence in all that they do. Visiting families see first-hand that STS is a unique place - students are happy, confident, kind and enjoy unique and meaningful experiences each and every day. 

On tours I constantly hear comments like "it just feels so good here", "the children look so interested and genuinely like being here", "the teachers seem to love what they do", and "we've never seen a school like this before". Those observations capture the intangible aspects that make STS so special, and that we as alumni, current students and parents, and employees know to be true. I love witnessing a family who knows nothing about our school feel and see those things for themselves. 

While families are impressed with STS, I have also been impressed with the prospective students we've met recently - confident, articulate, and kind young people with a wide array of interests. While visiting STS they seemed genuinely excited about the opportunities our school can offer in support of them pursuing their passions and being successful, our future as a society is indeed bright, and I am thrilled that most of them decide to join our school community. 

Whether interviewing prospective students on the other side of the globe via Facetime, or hosting Shadow Mornings for all of our newly enrolled students to help them feel comfortable with their new school, every interaction we have with our prospective and new families is important and meaningful. I do truly feel like we see students at a pinnacle moment in their lives, as they embark on a new and inspiring education adventure. Like I said - best job in the world!

I am looking forward to a new school year and enrollment cycle starting this fall where we can continue to work with families on their journey to make our STS, their STS.