Connecting Stronger Than Ever

Connecting Stronger Than Ever

By: Amy Meyer, former POSTS President and current parent

“Parents and guardians of STS students, you are the reason why the Parents’ Organization of STS has and will continue to flourish.”

It is with tremendous pride that I step back into the role of the Parents’ Organization of STS (POSTS) President for the [first half of the 2022-2023] academic year. I had originally anticipated serving as Past President to newly-elected POSTS President Jennifer Dalton; however, due to unexpected circumstances, Jennifer has had to say goodbye to the STS community after five incredible years as a parent volunteer - the last two of which were in the role of Vice President. In her stead, I look forward to bridging the gap, ensuring that my successor is trained and ready to assume the role of President, and helping our school and community thrive as we enter this exciting new era in Strathcona- Tweedsmuir School’s history. 

One of POSTS’ primary goals for the 2022-2023 school year, whether you’re a new member or have been here for years, is to connect and reconnect with each other. We want to provide opportunities and encourage everyone to come back together and get involved; whether that means signing up to volunteer at the School, cheering at sports events, or even meeting other parents for a quick chat in the parking lot. Zoom meetings have proven to be a valuable tool, but the warmth and belonging one feels when we are able to be involved with the School community in-person cannot be duplicated. I’m excited for the opportunity to reconnect with parents and build our community back up. I encourage parents to come to the Welcome Coffee, Fall Fair, parent socials, and musicals, and to cheer for our children at athletic events — Go Spartans! When children know that there are people in their community who support them, it does wonders for a student’s self-esteem and well-being. Also, as a parent, having that network of support can mean the world. As the timeless African proverb states, it really does take a village to raise a child. It’s a very special feeling to know that someone has your back, and being part of a dedicated group of people that you can call upon for help in any situation — Who is my emergency contact? How can I reschedule a pickup? Is it casual day tomorrow? — has made my time with STS an unforgettable experience. 

Parents and guardians of STS students, you are the reason why the Parents’ Organization of STS has and will continue to flourish. Every contribution you make on a daily basis, whether it is one hour in a classroom, helping with our special events, donating to our fundraising efforts, being on hand to help at a track meet or field day to simply ensuring that an important message or update is shared with the community, creates ripples of generosity that have helped shape our School into the iconic institution it is today. 

I look forward to connecting and reconnecting with you soon!


Time, heart, and energy; POSTS President Amy Meyer has contributed all of this and more. She has led us through the myriad of challenges of the past two years with tremendous grace and endless enthusiasm, and she has truly set the gold standard for excellence in everything she does for STS.

From the outset, as it became clear that we had entered a wholly unique era in our history, Amy has stepped up to make sure POSTS was able to assess, adapt, and continue its mission of cultivating and encouraging a strong sense of connection between families and our School. When pandemic protocols prevented in- person meet and greets, Amy hosted virtual functions, created videos to welcome new families, and provided reassurance to current STS families through a number of resources and activities. Treat week was able to proceed with updated safety protocols and, with her guidance, the POSTS team was able to find many other new and creative ways to engage our community. 

The lifting of restrictions during the latter half of this school year may have helped us breathe a bit easier — and Amy was determined to make the most of her time as President. Under her leadership, Amy spearheaded the very successful 50th Anniversary 50 for 50 online auction, supported our parent socials, contributed to legacy projects on campus with funds raised through Tweeds and More, and so much more.

Amy’s boundless optimism, organization, glowing smile, and focus on going above and beyond to bring joy and make others feel valued are so appreciated. 

Thank You!