Head's Initiative: giving to where it's most needed

Head's Initiative: giving to where it's most needed

Everybody at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School will tell you that it’s the people, and how much they care, that make our school so remarkable. Our Giving Program is designed to look after our people – and a whole host of other things that our community values, but aren’t covered by tuition fees.

Our Annual Appeal identifies specific areas for donations each year, and enriching our people is always on the list. Your donations fund our Scholarships and Bursaries program that directly benefit 12% of our students. Your generosity also supports faculty professional development to maintain our leading-edge education and safety certifications. 

Learn why Todd Worsley '88 directs his donations to Scholarships and Bursaries

What's the Head's Initiative?

For some of us, it's hard to choose what to support. Everything feels essential — our campus, teachers and school programs all combine to create the unique STS education. The Head's Initiative allows the administration to deploy resources where they are needed most. 

Ian Graham '93 puts it this way: 

“I don’t want to be biased when I donate, based on my own experiences. Each of us has a different experience at STS, and all are equally rewarding. Giving to the Head’s Initiative may not sound “sexy,” but I believe our administration knows best. I have faith and trust that my donation will go precisely where it needs to be.

The penny dropped when I truly understood that the campus, facilities, equipment – all of them – play a large part in the STS experience. And it’s challenging to raise funds for certain things. I trust in the School to shepherd the funds wisely.”

Ian acknowledges that countless organizations need our attention, time and financial support. No matter the size of a family's gift, it's appreciated — and the act of contributing bonds our community with the knowledge that we all make a difference to every child at STS, both now and in the future. 

Our Head of School, Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt, says she is inspired and in awe that people give so generously to STS. 

"There's no greater gift than investing in children. Our giving program is financial, but the generosity of people with time and expertise shouldn't be understated. Donation of funds is one way to give — but our time, too, tells young people that they matter and that we believe in them."

She goes on to explain how the use of the Head's Initiative funds is determined. Each year, in the strategic planning phase, all stakeholders in the STS community are consulted. Together, they decide how best to honour the STS promise to families: to prepare STS students for whatever comes next. The Annual Appeal focuses on these priorities, and the Head's Initiative directs your donation to the priority that needs it most. 

No matter which program or initiative you choose to support this year, we come together with the same thought as expressed by Ian: 

"I believe in the power of education. If I had to pick a magic bullet to help our world, it's that. The more educated we are, the better our communities, societies and the world. Hopefully, the students at STS find themselves in a position to give back in meaningful ways." 

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