Innovative Program Offerings

Innovative Program Offerings

Author: Alanna Wellwood, Head of Learning Innovation

In case you haven’t noticed, the concept of innovation is getting considerable play these days -  from media attention, to physical  innovation centres to Chief Innovation Officers, innovation is on-trend. The need to change has been catalysed by the pandemic, DEIB and sustainability gaps. In a recent Forbes magazine article, the author writes, “Innovation is a multi-billion dollar industry. In many ways, innovation is the lifeblood of business, and to become an innovative thinker is to position yourself well on the path to success." 

At Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, one of the ways we view innovation is as a means to add value to our excellent programming. In the Senior School in particular, new programming offerings for the 2023-2024 school year will add value by increasing student choice and enhancing the student experience. Specifically, students can look forward to electives that complete course pathways in Musical Theatre 25/25, Outdoor Education 20/30, Sports Medicine 30, Personal Fitness 20 and Computer Science and Entrepreneurship II. 

In addition, we are delighted to announce a new, interdisciplinary course spearheaded by our Design Team -  The F1® Academy. Students enrolled in this unique course will learn physics principles as per the Physics 20 Alberta Program of Study and apply them using the design cycle while learning CAD as a Formula1® team commissioned to design the fastest Formula 1 car of the future. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue the student F1® competition circuit. 

We are also happy to announce a partnership with Careers Next Gen allowing our students moving into the 2023-2024 school year to pursue paid internships for credit. Mr. Scott Bennett and representatives from Careers have presented to current Grade 10 students who are pursuing these internships for summer start. Students will also have opportunities next year to immerse themselves in the innovation landscape via our announced partnership with Platform Calgary. 

When we ideate, prototype and design new programming, we remind ourselves good work is defined by student experience, engagement, rigour and belonging - thus allowing us to honour and elevate all pillars of our Flourish Strategic Framework. 

To see a full list of Senior School courses, you are invited to view our lookbook collaboratively created by Dr. Michael Simmonds, Rory Stabler, Learning Leaders, and our Communications Team.



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