Leading through a crisis

Leading through a crisis

As the doors of all schools in Alberta were abruptly closed by order of the provincial Chief Medical Officer on March 16, 2020, countless STS community members stepper up to the opportunity to help.

In true Spartan spirit, many students, families, employees, and alumni contributed to support each other, and our communities. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you — you made the world a better place during COVID-19. 

Copy of health and wellness check in

Seeing a friendly face
Mrs. Jana Wager, Executive Services Administrator, hosted weekly wellness check-ins via Zoom for support staff to stay connected while the campus was closed. 


Our fearless leader
Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt has been a steady voice and available leader throughout. 


Some good news
Inspired by John Krasinki's 'Some Good News' (SGN) videos, our 2019-2020 STS Prefects produced weekly 'STS SGN' videos sharing good news happening withinour community, along with riddles, jokes, games, birthday announcements, and a popular 'Teacher's Corner' where faculty and staff shared how they were spending their time. 

IT super heroes

I.T. Heroes 
Our STS I.T. team, Mr. Benoit, Mr. Park and Mr. Sabio, were true superheroes helping our entire STS community set up for remote learning and teaching, providing technical support to many, and refurbishing 20 iPads to donate to local ICUs to keep patients connected with their families. 


Dedication behind the scenes 
Our dedicated facilities and cleaning crew at STS worked around-the-clock sanitizing and maintaining our campus. 

Copy of caleb and raya3
Feeding hearts and minds

STS siblings, Caleb '28 and Raya '31. teamed up with Discovery Houe to produce 100 lunches for their clients every week indefinitely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Giving with creativity 
Riviera S. '23 created and delivered scrub bags for frontline healthcare workers. 

Copy of Shannon Mercer Lee mugs

Made with love
Ms. Shannon Mercer-Lee, Grade 5 teacher, crafted beautiful homemade pottery bowls and mugs as parting gifts. 


The gift of reading 
Our Librarians, Mrs. Genevieve Shepherd, Mrs. Morgan Chapman and Mrs. Julie Reid, made routine trips to campus to provide bags of books for STS families to enjoy at home. 

peer tutoring group

Peer-to-peer support
Aydin B. '22, Azam Ali '23, Alia N. '22, Sharanya C. '22, and Andrew B. '22 teamed up with the Mayor's Youth Council to provide free peer tutoring to students all over Calgary during times of remote learning. 

Copy of Mrs. Joanna Alsop

A personal touch
Mrs. Joanna Alsop, Enrollment Assistant, prepared more than 100 welcome gifts for new families joining STS in the 2020-2021 school year and organized delivery routes for volunteered to deliver the gifts to new families and officially welcome them to the STS family! 

thijsA novel idea
Ms. Cathie Thijs, Senior School English teacher, delivered novels to her students. 

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Calm under pressure 
The school's response was expertly managed through our Emergency Operations Centre, by our Senior Administrative Team, including (L-R): Mr. Cole Carlson, Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt, Mrs. Lara Unsworth, Mr. Trevor Julian, Mr. Anand Mahadevan, and Mrs. Jennifer Conway.