Middle School Debate

Middle School Debate

By: Chloe Liu '26 and Rahmaan Shajani '26

The outcome of a debate is found not only in an individual but the partnership. The origins of debate may be traced back to ancient Greece when philosophy and politics were often debated issues. Debate is not only alive and well now, but it is also relevant in Middle School. This debate season, we have received nothing but encouragement and assistance from our teachers and classmates. With our coaches providing immense feedback and help, each individual in debate has grown into a speaker, leader, and debater. With over thirty participants this year, debate provided students with an opportunity to speak up and push themselves. With new members from every grade, it provided a chance for each student to learn and grow. Our coaches, Ms. O’Neill, Ms. Westers, and Mr. Bodnar, have provided endless encouragement and support to both new and returning debaters. With their assistance, debate has seemed more like a community than a club. 

[Last] year we founded and organized the inaugural STS In-House Tournament. We sought to provide new debaters with a chance to hone their talents in the company of their peers. It was also a chance for students to improve their leadership abilities and provide feedback to their classmates. This tournament was played under the British Parliamentary, or BP style, which included two teams on each side. Each side offered an in-depth explanation of the topics, allowing for an engaging debate. This tournament provided an opportunity for each debater to learn and get more familiar with various debate styles. 

[In 2022] STS participated in the 2021-2022 Calgary Regional Debate Tournament. We congratulate Noah F. ’25 and Amy X. ’25 on their fifth-place finish in this tournament. This allowed them to go on to represent Calgary and STS at provincials. Noah and Amy were not the only debaters that competed in regionals. STS sent four teams from various grades and skill levels. This tournament consisted of four rounds each with different topics. Each topic forced debaters to think outside the box and find ways to prove their side of the motion. These motions made us think about different points of view and perspectives to better understand the way of the world. Although we did not make it to provincials this year, we still are glad that our friends and fellow debaters were able to have such a great opportunity.  

Overall, we had a successful debate season, but we aim to have an even better season next year. Debate is the foundation of our democracy, and it is critical that as the next generation, we have a proper ability to assist society as we shape our world’s future. Debate is far more than just argumentation, it is a form of art that everyone should be familiar with. 

“With over thirty participants this year, debate provided students with an opportunity to speak up and push themselves. With new members from every grade, it provided a chance for each student to learn and grow.”