National Bullying Awareness week at STS

National Bullying Awareness week at STS

In recognition of National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week our students organized a number of events focused on bringing this important issue to the forefront, empowering all members of the STS community to play a role in building and reinforcing positive relationships, and preventing bullying. 

Our Prefects dressed as Superheroes and spent one recess each day this week inspiring our young Spartans to be kind to others and to step up when they see bullying. Our superheroes also visited the Elementary School assembly last week to reinforce their message and read a story.

Our Elementary students were encouraged to use their own superpowers –

  • Super eyes to notice when people look hurt, afraid or lonely
  • Super strong words to say “stop!” or “this is wrong!” when they see mean or bullying behaviour
  • Super courageous heart to do the right thing and speak up for people even when you are afraid or nervous
  • Super arms to comfort people who are hurt, afraid or lonely
  • Super thinking brain to make good decisions, and also think of fun games to play with people who look lonely!

In addition, to our superheroes, Mrs. Chapman highlighted stories emphasizing friendship and standing up against bullying with our Elementary School students throughout the week.

IMG 9792

A few Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2 students did a presentation to Middle and Senior School students last Friday emphasizing the importance of being nice to those around us by sharing “Kindness in a Pocket”. After explaining it to the older students, our young presenters then went into the audience and took a note with a kind message on it from their pocket and gave it to an older student. They then encouraged them to share this kindness with others! Middle School Students watched related video clips and had discussions during their Advisor period. Students and visitors driving were given “parking tickets” with messages reminding drivers to not be bullies behind the wheel! 

IMG 9829 smallOur GSA group hosted a “How to Be an Ally Lunch Hour”, to promote inclusion.

Mr. Carlson and Mr. Mahadevan spoke at their respective assemblies reinforcing the importance of positive relationships.

Parents, we encourage you to use this opportunity to talk to your children about their role in building positive relationships with their classmates. You may want to go to with your child and check out some of the stories.