Open your Arms to Mental Health

Open your Arms to Mental Health

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This past week we continued the work of two STS alumni, Scott Wilson ’15 and Myles Chase ’15, who created Open Arms to promote mental health awareness. We had many activities throughout the week but a few highlights were:

  • a mindfulness workshop lead by Mrs. Chapman
  • an Open Arms assembly for Middle and Senior School students featuring a powerful keynote address by Ms. Tasha Belix, followed by two of our STS alumni, Geoff Evamy-Hill ’10 and Kate Koplovich ’10 sharing their journey dealing with their mental health challenges
  • students making and displaying their “Flags of Support”
  • students and teachers posting notes to complete this statement, “I wish my (parents, friends, students) knew…”

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Please talk to your child(ren) about the message they took away from the week’s activities!

A special thanks to our student committee that worked so hard to make this event happen: Co-chairs: Abby S. ’19 and Megan E. ’19 Committee: Carly B. ’20, Amanda B. ’19, Nyah C. ’20, Martha V.C. ’20, Maddie G. ’19, Ruby N. ’20, Louisa P. ’20