Senior Speech students perform Interpretation of Prose at in-house Speech Tournament

Senior Speech students perform Interpretation of Prose at in-house Speech Tournament

On Thursday, February 25, Senior School students participated in a friendly in-house Speech Tournament in the category of Interpretive Reading of Prose. In this category, students read a selection from a short story, novel, or from an essay, or speech. Prior to beginning their interpretation of their selection, they provide a brief introduction informing the judges and audience of the name of the piece, the author, perhaps why they selected it, and sometimes what themes to look for while they are reading.

The students are also judged on the pacing, timing, enunciation, voice modulation, and overall appeal to the listener. When selecting a top speaker in this category, judges are asked to consider if they were the author of the piece, would they endorse the student reading an audio recording of their work. It requires many hours of practice to bring the readings alive and it is always rewarding working with students as they interpret their passages.

All of our students were once again well prepared and special congratulations goes to Alia N. ’22 for first place. She read an excerpt from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. This piece followed the adventure of Edward Tulane, a toy rabbit made of china. After falling off a cruise ship, Edward’s life turns into an adventure for the next 30 years. The excerpt begins with Edward sitting in a doll shop, longing for his adventure to continue. Little does he know, everything is about to drastically change and finally come full circle.

Congratulations to Kate J. ’22 who placed second and read an excerpt from The Story Teller by H.H Munro. This story follows a young boy, his aunt, and a bachelor as they travel by train across the English countryside. As the boy becomes increasingly bored and unruly with the journey, and with the aunt’s stories, the bachelor takes matters into his own hands and becomes the storyteller to entertain the boy.

Congratulations goes to Hafsa C. ’23 placing third. She read from Hannah’s Gift by Maria Housden, written through a mother’s perspective, about her young daughter’s journey with cancer. Her daughter Hannah buys a pair of red shoes that symbolize light in the face of adversity and uncontrollable circumstances. Her mother reflects on the fullness of Hannah’s life even though it was short-lived. The novel inspires everyone to protect the child-like innocence of Hannah that is deeply embedded within each individual. Also, honorable mention goes to Tiwa S. ’22 who read from a book by author Ray Comfort, titled, Proving the Existence of God.

Our next in-house tournament is March 11 and will be Middle School Impromptu Speaking.