STS Bystander Superheros stand up to bullying

STS Bystander Superheros stand up to bullying

In recognition of National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week our students organized a number of events focused on bringing this important issue to the forefront, empowering all members of the STS community to play a role in building and reinforcing positive relationships, and preventing bullying. 

bystander superhero 2Our Prefects dressed as “Bystander Superheroes” and spent the noon hour recess each day this week inspiring our young Spartans to be kind to others and to step up when they see bullying. Our Superheroes also visited the Elementary School assembly to reinforce their message and show pictures from the week.

In addition, to our Superheroes, Mrs. Chapman has been using the novel, Wonder, and the picture book, We Are All Wonders, with our students throughout the week. Students were encouraged to “Take the Pledge” to stand up when they see bullying occur and sign a large banner that will be posted in the Elementary School area.

Some Kindergarten, and Grades 1 and 2 students did a presentation to Middle and Senior School students emphasizing the importance of being nice to those around us by sharing compliments that students could tear-off of “Compliment Sheets” posted around the school.  Middle School students watched related video clips and had discussions during their Advisor period.  Students driving were given “parking tickets” with messages reminding drivers to not be bullies behind the wheel! Senior School students watched a powerful Burger King commercial about bullying awareness -

Mr. Carlson and Mr. Julian spoke at their respective assemblies reinforcing the importance of positive relationships.

Members of POSTS handed out “Kindness Postcards” to students during lunch break.  These cards shared positive messages and encouraged students to pay it forward!

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