STS competes at the 2019 Calgary Youth Science fair

STS competes at the 2019 Calgary Youth Science fair

Earlier this month seven STS students, from Elementary and Middle School, participated in the city-wide Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF), held at the University of Calgary Olympic Oval on April 5 and 6. This annual competition encourages and promotes ongoing interest for scientific principles and methods. This is Canada’s largest Science Fair with almost 1000 students participating this year and presenting over 700 projects.

The students of STS were excellent ambassadors and received many accolades from judges, parents and visitors regarding their deportment, tremendous support of each other and those around them, the quality of projects, and their outstanding oral presentations.

Congratulations to the following, very successful, participants from STS:

  • Moriah S. ’25 received an honourable mention for her research project, about Diabetes, which offered an overview of the causes, effects and treatments of Type I and Type II Diabetes.
  • Kenzy E. ’24 and Jessica Stafford ’24 were awarded an honourable mention for their research project about the facts, consequences, and ways to quit cigarette smoking.
  • Rayne P. ’24, awarded a gold medal, presented her research project titled, “The Great Fluoride Debate” which explored a current and thought-provoking question, “Should fluoride be added to Calgary’s drinking water?”
  • Hassan K. ’24 was also honoured with a gold medal, recognizing his excellent research project that explored the methodologies and purpose of measuring the Hubble Constant.
  • Khalil K. ’21 received a bronze medal for his project, titled “Cosmic Strings and Other Things”, which explored the existence of topological defects in the universe, such as cosmic strings, and their significance.
  • Sameena S.A. ’22, a veteran to the Calgary Youth Science Fair, was awarded with a silver medal for her very advanced research project analyzing atrial fibrillation of the heart.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be associated with these fine young scientists and ambassadors of STS. All students from Grades 5 to 12 are encouraged to consider taking on a science fair project next year!