STS Student Council 23/24

STS Student Council 23/24

As tradition at STS for the past few years, Student Council advocates for and shows leadership in bringing student voice to the table. President of the Student Council, Kamran '25, shares a year in review for the council’s progress, and what it means to be on Student Council. 


Student Experience

Student advocacy is at the forefront of a better, more inclusive student experience. It fosters a space where students grow both in and out of the classroom, enriching their experience and presenting new and exciting opportunities every single day. Among the various events, changes, and longer-term goals we’ve worked towards, teamwork, leadership and collaboration were at the epicentre of a productive council this year. These include Project Pin, a silent study zone, talent show, book fair, and more. 



From April 22nd to May 17th, student council held its annual Book Fair, collecting over 500 books in donations from students and parents. It was truly an unprecedented display of STS’s strong community spirit at the curvy wall as donations poured over two weeks. It was a similar scene when student council signed up STS for the Calgary Youth Science Fair. At the Olympic Plaza on April 12th and 13th, two STS students represented the school and won awards for their incredible science projects. We’ve also laid the groundwork for a talent show in the upcoming year to recognize talent and skill. 



Every year, three students per grade from middle and senior school are voted in as councilors, representing the student voice of their grade. This year, issues which were discussed with administration were uniforms and guidelines, furniture, and a silent lunch hour study zone. We also discussed developing pins for more clubs to celebrate and recognize STS’s diverse collection of clubs. 



Student council, by tradition, is the only co-curricular club at STS where students are elected in. Demonstrating strong courage, self-advocacy, and tenacity qualities is crucial to strong leadership, exactly what is needed to win any election. This year, due to unforeseen circumstances, one additional spot became available for a grade 8 representative, which was quickly filled as candidates displayed their impressive leadership skills in a midyear election. Further, collaboration with the STS STAR Newspaper and leveraging social and digital media quickly become an area which required strong councilor leadership and initiative, becoming a strong success point. 


Say YES to Student Council

“Student council has been one of the biggest highlights of my life as a Student at STS, it landed me a huge step forward in the necessary skills required for any post-secondary endeavour, particularly regarding project management, collaboration, and leadership. The council experience is one of a lifetime, I’d strongly recommend any middle and senior school student to run for elections and help make a meaningful difference in the lives of other young people and beyond” stated Kamran ‘25.


Understanding the impacts of student feedback and making a meaningful difference is what empowers students to devote “Nil Nisi Optimum”, or nothing but their best.”


Written by Kamran ‘25, President of Student Council 2023-2024