Students excel at Provincial Speech tournament

Students excel at Provincial Speech tournament

On Saturday, February 1, thirty students participated at the Provincial Speech Tournament hosted by Alberta Debate and Speech Association and Sir Winston Churchill High School. All students were well prepared, competitive and wonderful ambassadors of STS. Of the 30 students participating, 14 won medals in their respective categories and congratulations goes to the following students:

Middle School

First Place in Solo Acting:  Riviera S. ’23

First Place in Duet Acting: Sasha H. ’23 and Angelica H.G. ’23

First Place in Oral Interpretation of Prose: Sophia L. ’23

First Place in Original Oratory: Bolu K. ’23

Second Place in Duet Acting: Theodora G. ’23 and Dimitri G. ’24

Second Place in Impromptu Speaking:  Mika’il M. ’23

Second Place in Original Oratory: Alayna Q. ’24

Third Place in Solo Acting: Drew N. ’23

Third Place in Oral Interpretation of Prose: Karissa M. ’23

Third Place in Impromptu Speaking: Jasmine L. ’23

The top two students in each category will advance to the Junior Canadian Public Speaking Championships, which will occur at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver on May 15-18, 2020. We are very proud that of the 16 Alberta students eligible to participate in the National Tournament, nine are from Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School! We look forward to a very successful and rewarding experience for our students.


Senior School

First Place in Impromptu Speaking: Kirk S. ’20

First Place in Self-Authored Poetry: Angelina H. ’22

Second Place in Oral Interpretation of Poetry: Emma M. ’22

Second Place in Original Oratory: Armaan S. ’22

Fourth Place in Oral Interpretation of Poetry: Kate J. ’22

The selection process for students advancing to the Senior National Public Speaking Championships has changed. Previously, Senior students, who won first in their category at the Provincial Tournament, would advance to the National tournament in the following year, which eliminated Grade 12 students the opportunity to compete in their Senior year. As well, Alberta’s selection process was not congruent with the format of the National Tournament. Therefore, the change was made to include a qualifying tournament in November of 2020 that will follow the same structure of the National Tournament. At the National Tournament, students must compete in four categories including original oratory or a problem-solution speech, interpretive reading of prose or poetry, impromptu speaking and parliamentary debate. To mirror this format, in the qualifying tournament in November, students will have to participate in all four categories where the top four students will advance to compete at the National level. This qualifying tournament will be held at Central Memorial School in Calgary and we are excited about this improved format in selecting students to represent Alberta at the Canadian National Tournament.

The Provincial Speech Tournament brings our season to an end with the exception of the nine Middle School students competing in Vancouver in the spring. However, all of our students have the opportunity to continue their public speaking skills with preparation for Speech Day in March! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all students who have participated in Speech this year. The skills and confidence our students have gained in public speaking are invaluable; their commitment and dedication to the program has been outstanding and for that, all students deserve congratulations!

Once again, we would like to thank all of our parents throughout the year who have volunteered your time to judge at all of the tournaments. Although you don’t have an opportunity to see your child speak, we hope that you have enjoyed and appreciated the level of public speaking within the Calgary Speech Community.