The Right Thing to Do

The Right Thing to Do

By: Amy Meyer, STS parent and past POSTS President

There are times in your life when you see a piece of art and think “Wow, that is amazing!” That’s exactly what the Nil Nisi Optimum sculpture concept did for Justin and me, and we just knew that the right thing to do was to support this amazing legacy piece for the 50th Anniversary of STS. 

During the unveiling on April 8, we were blown away by the passion, leadership, and empathy shown by the artists who built this structure. Justin and I had the opportunity to hear how the artists had poured their hearts and souls into this beautiful work of art: everything from the logistics and fabrication to the shipping and implementation. We could feel the love that went into this piece. 

It wasn’t until after the unveiling that an unexpected moment happened. We were approached by a guest who thanked us for our donation, and who went on to tell us how our donation had helped bring the artisits’ dreams to fruition. I began to have tears in my eyes — I could feel the love that Nil Nisi Optimum represents, both to this family and to the history of STS. 

We love art, and we knew that donating to this project was the right thing to do. We were not, however, expecting our hearts to become so full; hearing the beautiful stories of those who designed it, seeing our students and faculty feel and touch the structure, and knowing that it will be there for a lifetime — it makes every dollar worth it!