Tips for getting outside during times of social distancing

Tips for getting outside during times of social distancing

Getting outside has always been good for one's learning, health and wellbeing, but with the current orders to stay home and social distance, it's become essential now more than ever to keep moving and stay active. Staying inside, staring at screens and reading a never-ending stream of COVID-19 news reports is a recipe for depression, anxiety and relational isolation. 

Mr. Bruce Hendricks, Director of Outdoor Education, shares the benefits of getting outside and being active at home while still following social distancing protocols. 

Benefits of getting outside 

  • Learning through hands-on experiences that allow you to observe, ask questions and investigate. Discovering about 'everyday wonders'.
  • Promotes health and well being beyond 'not getting sick'. Research shows that being outside established a better sense of perspective, lower stress, depression and anxiety levels, boosts your immune system and overall creates happier people. 
  • Develops important life skills such as organization, situational awareness, grit, resilience, and adaptability. 

Ways to get outside 

  • Go outside only when you're healthy.
  • Check weather and access restrictions.
  • Maintain physical distancing.
  • Choose locations that are close to home.
  • Go on your own or in small groups.
  • Make sure to clean yourself up when you return home.

Being active at home 

  • Keep it simple (bodyweight exercises, Yoga apps, etc.).
  • Develop a routine. 
  • Do activities together and make it fun!
  • Plan physical activities throughout the day to get you moving. 

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