Tips for successful learning at home

Tips for successful learning at home

By: Mrs. Alanna Wellwood, Director of Innovative Learning 

STS recognizes that we are all experiencing trying circumstances that create increased stress for students and their families. Families are experiencing increased pressure as living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens become classrooms and office spaces, as parents evolve as 'triple-threats' with working, parenting and now, home-schooling. 

Here are tips for successful learning at home:

  • Create a recipe for successful learning at home that best suits your child's needs and learning behaviour. This includes building in time for exercise regularly, creating a routine for each day, prioritizing connections and giving your eyes a break from the screen. 
  • Create a to-do list for learning continuity. Create one list that will prepare your child for the next school year and another 'nice to have' list prepared to outline items that would be beneficial to their learning, but not absolutely mandatory. Be realistic about what you and your child can achieve together. 
  • Find ways to keep your child motivated with less connection and feedback. 
  • Find times for your kids to talk about their learning in a comfortable setting. Use the 'Sharing and Modelling' method to make your thinking visible about how you are trying to succeed working remotely.
  • Innovate and think creatively. Learning at home doesn't have to be completely academic focused. Take a free online course, learn how to code, take a MasterClass, watch an IGTV cooking class, learn how to file your taxes, change the oil in your car.

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