Tradition Meets Comfort and Choice | Unveiling Our New Uniforms

Tradition Meets Comfort and Choice | Unveiling Our New Uniforms

We are excited to announce our new STS uniform collection, which has been carefully designed to balance comfort, tradition, style, functionality, sustainability, choice/flexibility, and practicality. Our partnership with InSchool Wear has allowed us to create a cohesive, forward-thinking collection that embraces our school's rich traditions and history. 

It’s important to note that while there are many new items in the STS uniform collection, the school colours of green and blue, the crest, and the Black Watch tartan, remain prominent throughout. The changes are mostly around more comfortable and sustainable materials, integrating the school colours/tartan/crest into pieces that all students can choose to wear regardless of gender, and offering these items in multiple fits to meet individual styles and preferences. The result is a cohesive, forward-thinking collection that also embraces our school’s rich traditions and history.

To illustrate how these guiding principles around inclusivity, comfort, tradition, and choice play out, here are some details:


Our new, custom-designed blazer is a testament to uncompromising attention to detail, embracing our history and traditions in a new way. It reflects countless hours of design, mock-ups, and consideration for the perfect fit and fabric. Available to all students, Kindergarten to Grade 12, this signature piece features a lightweight navy blue fabric in two different cuts to cater to individual fit preferences. With hunter green piping, a beautiful Black Watch tartan lining, antique brass buttons featuring a raised STS monogram, and a return to the original STS crest embroidered on the breast pocket, this blazer unmistakably celebrates and honours our rich history while embracing a strong sense of community and belonging for all students.


The new custom knitwear collection blends elements from our founding schools, weaving the cherished green and blue traditions into distinctive pieces available to all students. Among these, you'll find two options featuring a navy blue knit complemented by a hunter green stripe, while a third option showcases a hunter green knit with a navy blue stripe. The range of styles includes a vest, cardigan, and v-neck pullover for all grades. As well as a new quarter-zip pullover for Grades 7 to 12. We have carefully curated a knitwear collection to reflect personal preferences and proudly acknowledge our founding roots. The knitwear is made with soft, durable, easy-care material that launders beautifully.


We are proud to present a line of gray pants in various fits tailored to meet the needs of students, including a custom stretch pant made specifically for our school that maintains the formality of our uniform while embracing the latest trends in comfort and style. Each pant style includes a subtle, embroidered STS monogram near the right pocket, symbolizing that while embracing variety in fit choices, we all belong to the Spartan family.


Symbolizing bravery and tradition, our updated tartan kilt features the correct Black Watch shades of green and blue and is produced by a traditional tartan expert in Scotland. A standard kilt, readily available, features small black leather buckles on each side of the waist for easy adjustments, offering flexibility before tailoring becomes necessary or a larger size is considered. For those seeking a more voluminous, longer option, a 'heritage kilt' can be specially ordered, reminiscent of the traditional Scottish men's kilt. Both styles are accessible to all Grade 7 to 12 STS students.

The majority of the new uniform collection will be available in-store and online by June 2024, with a two-year transition period where all current uniform pieces may be worn to allow families to purchase the new items gradually, as needed.

We also hope to have some new items, including awesome House gear, available for alumni at our annual Homecoming and Family Fall Fair on September 21, 2024.

While this work has been complex, we are confident that by maintaining a measured, consultative approach, the changes resulting from this evolution will be very positive for our students and reflect STS's core values and guiding principles.

We are so excited about our new STS uniform collection and can't wait to see it come to life in our hallways!