Our new amazing facilities are almost complete!

Our new amazing facilities are almost complete!

Learning will happen everywhere

new sts facilitiesOur new inspiring facilities will support teaching and learning at STS, and will meet the current and future needs of our students. The new stimulus-rich spaces will encourage student-directed, collaborative learning. Construction priorities are:

A new Elementary Wing to welcome our youngest learners into a flexible learning environment where teaching best practice is optimized. Highlights include:

  • flexible spaces will enable teachers to incorporate a wider variety of activities to better align instruction with learning styles
  • bright, open and warm spaces will enhance student comfort and increase the sense of belonging within each learning community
  • Da Vinci studios that allow for innovative, creative project work that may be messy 
  • first-ever STS Kindergarten classroom

Expanded Fine and Performing Arts spaces to meet the creative needs of students with facilities and technology conducive to artistic expression. Highlights include:

  • acoustically optimized band and choral rooms will enhance students’ musical performancesa purpose-built drama room
  • larger visual arts spaces will allow students to work on projects over time
  • small group and individual rehearsal rooms  

A new Heart of the School to create a warm welcome to our STS campus.

Purposeful landscaping for learning to enrich educational opportunities offered by nature on our country campus.

Our new facilities were designed to mirror the beautiful Canadian Rockies and Foothills surrounding the school’s 220-acre campus.


One of the newest spaces our students, faculty and parents have been able to enjoying lately is the new Black Watch Bistro cafeteria!

Black Watch Bistro

Black Watch Bistro

Black Watch Bistro