Saying yes to an environment fostered by hospitality

Saying yes to an environment fostered by hospitality

When we think of belonging, we often associate our need to belong with our immediate environments – our peers, teachers and family. At STS, your sense of belonging is not complimentary to your experience, but rather a value that is embedded throughout your time as a student. When you become a member of the STS community, you not only gain a group of friends or teammates, but an entire community who supports you and who defines their success through yours. It goes without saying that every person at STS is highly invested in our students and this can be seen through the interactions our students make with everyone across campus.

We are extremely fortunate to have a team of dedicated workers in our Black Watch Bistro who help our families on a daily basis. Starting your day off with a hot meal served by friendly and familiar faces, Kathie, Hazel, Heather and Deb look forward to coming to work every day and interacting with students. In every opportunity, the Bistro staff invest a high degree of personalization in everything they do for our school. From creating and distributing individualized meals every day for our students, to remembering personal food preferences, allergies and account numbers, it is without a doubt that the Bistro staff foster a sense of hospitality for our community. This hospitality extends far beyond the food served. Taking the time to get to know individual students, the Bistro staff often become an extension of their support system when students are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or nervous. The positive and comforting reinforcement from the Bistro staff is often times the highlight of our students’s days and the reason why they continue to come back even after graduation as alumni, longing a hot meal that makes them feel like they’re home.  

The level of dedication and care that the Bistro staff demonstrate means that no child ever goes hungry and that every community member enjoys a meal that is reminiscent of home-style cooking. Everything that is served at the Black Watch Bistro is made in-house as providing fresh and nutritious meals is a top priority for the Bistro staff. Every time you enjoy a meal from the Bistro, you can rest assured knowing that your meal was prepared with care, and knowing the faces and names of the people who prepared it – this is the STS difference. Their accommodating approach to each order is a result of the community-minded environment in which STS is known to cultivate. The Bistro staff continuously go above and beyond to make sure that every child feels safe, nurtured and recognized, contributing yet another way of how our community experiences a sense of belonging at STS.