Making Music Together, Remotely: Senior Band Virtual Performance

Making Music Together, Remotely: Senior Band Virtual Performance

What does band class look like during remote learning? Much different than if we were in rehearsal in the band studio! Students in the STS band program from Grades 7-12 have been keeping busy with sectional rehearsals and individual lessons on Zoom with their teachers, developing their technique, and recording video playing tests of their repertoire. In the Middle School, students also worked with an online music theory platform to complete drills on note reading and rhythm skills. The Grade 9 band completed research projects on artists considered to be jazz innovators, creating podcasts about their music, careers, and innovations within the genre. 

Students in Senior band have been working hard to submit weekly video practice journals, complete technique challenges, and prepare videos for a virtual performance project. While most students agree that it's a bonus to not have classes at 7:15 am anymore, the disappointment of a cancelled performance tour to Japan and final concert is immense. Despite this disappointment, the music has not stopped! Students recorded their individual parts at home for one of our pieces and all their videos have been compiled into a unified performance that we are pleased to share with you. Please enjoy "Con Brio", a march by Ralph Ford, performed by members of the STS Senior Band, remotely! If you listen closely you will hear the great Canadian melody from "The Maple Leaf Forever" featured part-way through! 

Click here to watch their performance.