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STS re-designs the periodic table for its 150th anniversary

STS re-designs the periodic table for its 150th anniversary

On Friday, April 12 the Science (Chemistry) and Art department celebrated an exciting event. 2019 is the 150th year of the Periodic Table and thanks to Mr. Hoffman’s initiative, our Art 10 class has participated in an international competition to re-design the Periodic Table. Spearheaded by the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Science and Department of Chemistry, schools around the world were challenged to create an original piece of artwork to represent an assigned element and to pay respect to the Periodic Table as a cultural artifact. STS was assigned to re-design the element “Rhenium”. Students in Art 10 Term I researched and produced designs to represent this element, and were submitted to the University of Waterloo for the competition.

Members of the STS community gathered in the science wing to witness the reveal of the redesigned artwork. The University of Waterloo will also be sharing the students’ art work on their Twitter account @chem13news and on

We are very excited to support STEAM education at STS which integrates science, technology, engineering art and mathematics. STEAM learning teaches students to be resilient, flexible and open to creative problem-solving to be successful in a rapidly changing economy, ultimately preparing for jobs that do not yet exist today. Studies show that STEAM learning helps youth learn how to think, as opposed what to think, by developing vital transferrable skills and learning across subjects through experimentation, trial and error and creativity. Projects like this re-design of the periodic table enable students to work collaboratively across disciplines, giving them essential skills for the future.

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