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The 2018 CAIS Leadership Camp by Khalil K. '23

The 2018 CAIS Leadership Camp by Khalil K. '23

Think of every successful person, ever. J.K. Rowling, Shakespeare, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan… all of whom were able to run with their idea. J.K. Rowling led Bloomsbury Publishing and Warner Bros. to create one of the most successful fantasy worlds. Shakespeare led the King’s Men for the most impactful plays in history. Neil Degrasse Tyson led the Hayden Planetarium. Carl Sagan led the show Cosmos, which gave science more media attention. All of these people were leaders. To be able to have an impact and be successful, every child must develop their leadership skills.

IMG 0442From September 21 to September 24, eight students were able to participate in the CAIS Leadership camp in Ontario. At Camp Onondaga, we learned to work with a diverse group of people, be courageous, resilient, and empathetic. We had four leadership sessions throughout the day, and then adventurous activities in the afternoon. Throughout all of this, we met new people and learned to work together. From canoeing, to zip lining, to presenting on stage, we realized that trust and communication are fundamental to binding a strong and impactful society.

Our Guest Speaker, Andy Thibodeau, taught us the importance of having a positive attitude and letting negative energy “bounce” off. We also developed our resilience when we had to deal with no electricity or heat at the camp, due to a big storm. Throughout, we developed all aspects of IB Learner Profile which will help us be ambassadors of STS.IMG 0600

Of course, none of this would be possible without our teacher, Ms. Fraser. She made sure we were all comfortable, and I think that everyone will join me in thanking her. Our gratitude also goes to the administration and Onondaga staff that made those days possible. You inspire many kids and certainly know how to lead. My thanks also go to my fellow classmates for learning with me. You are a great team. I have learned a lot through this opportunity, and I encourage future students to apply for this experience!