2017 - Rosalind Wiseman

Rosalind Wiseman

A sought-after educator, author, and speaker on bullying, parenting, ethical leadership, and the use of social media, Wiseman’s presentations transcend cultural and economic boundaries in her appeal to ensure children’s and teenagers’ well-being.


 Wiseman’s talk at STS focused on creating cultures of dignity for young people, pulling back the curtain on what's really going on in children and teens lives and showing the critical importance of social emotional learning to their overall health and happiness. Rosalind Wiseman ticket sales2

From young people's friendships, social media use, gossip, drama, bullying, and the constant pressure to "keep up," Wiseman shared how children and teens develop their sense of self and guide their decision making in everything from their academic choices, friends, and how they manage conflict. In addition, she gave concrete advice to parents and educators so they in turn can guide their children through the normal yet challenging problems young people face – while avoiding the common communication breakdowns and power struggles between children and adults. 

More about Rosalind Wiseman:

Rosalind Wiseman has been listening to, and occasionally arguing with young people about everything and anything that’s important to them for the past twenty years. All of her work is based on the belief that young people’s experiences are important but often discounted and that adults often give young people advice without listening to them first.

She is the author of the New York Times’ bestsellers, Queen Bees & Wannabes, which was turned into the movie Mean Girls, and Masterminds & Wingmen. She is also the author of The Guide (which is being developed into a movie with the help of a teen advisory board), and the young adult novel, Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials. In the fall of 2016, she published the Owning Up Curriculum, a social emotional learning curriculum that she wrote in collaboration with middle and high school students.

She is constantly developing new books, films, and social media projects with her team at Cultures of Dignity and young people throughout the country. Although she grew up in Washington DC, she was born in Philadelphia, she now lives in Boulder Colorado. She loves to play trampoline dodgeball, is currently accepting offers to purchase her Clash of Clan profile, and is not hugely impressed with recent boybands. She is married and the mother of two, very loud, very large, occasionally bearable teen boys.

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