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Character and Leadership start on the playing field

Character and Leadership start on the playing field

By Ken Zelez, Director of Athletics 

The wide variety of co-curricular clubs and activities offered at STS allows students to discover their passions. This can definitely be said for athletics. Many students who choose athletics may do so to explore their abilities, compete and challenge themselves, but joining a sports team also fosters growth and development in character and leadership. 

In Middle and Senior School, there is a high percentage of student participation in athletics. Through the full range of athletic teams offered, it is common for students to participate in sports every year from Grades 7 to 12, with many athletes participating in more than one sport per year. In fact, most of our athletes compete on more than one team, and in some cases, participate in all teams offered. When athletes participate on multiple teams, those same students are also given the opportunity to take part in other co-curricular activities to discover and pursue their interests. This is what our dedication to well-rounded programming is all about - and is something that makes STS unique - ensuring students have the opportunity to nourish their mind, body and soul. 

Getting involved with a team sport helps students maintain good physical health, in addition to practising time management and self-discipline, skills that we see athletes applying on and off the court/field. Leadership happens in a specific role such as captain of the team, however; it is just as important that all athletes develop and lead through character and sportsmanship. The STS Athletics coaches hold our student athletes to a very high standard and they, in turn, appreciate being held to that high standard. When we travel from STS for tournaments and competitions, it is common to have servers, hotel managers, and tournament supervisors comment that our athletes are extremely polite and respectful. STS athletes make us proud by demonstrating leadership and character on an ongoing basis. These are valuable skills they will use throughout their lies, in addition to being able to play a mean pickup basketball game.