Live a Life of Purpose

STS students are encouraged to develop their leadership potential and character through their involvement in co-curricular activities.

We use the term “co-curricular” instead of “extra-curricular” as we believe learning that takes place outside a classroom is as impactful as the academic excellence they achieve while in the classroom. Students explore the world and gain an understanding of other cultures and our natural environment. They pursue leadership opportunities, gaining a sense of responsibility and confidence. They challenge themselves to be their best. They lead healthy lifestyles. They strive to be caring citizens. They endeavour to live with integrity and compassion.

This is achieved through opportunities at STS, such as athletics, fine arts - including band, choir and art, outdoor education, speech and debate, Model United Nations, student exchanges, Round Square, and student leadership.

Students put the STS mission to "live a life of purpose" into action. Our students have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom, and are inspired by their community every day.