OE Purpose, Vision and Values

The purpose of outdoor programs at the School is to help all STS student pursue wellness and ‘personal best’ through exploration and learning in the outdoors.

Through outdoor programs, the School's goal is to provide safety-oriented, intentional and challenging activities that guide students in their growth at STS and beyond.

The outdoor experiences in which students are involved are intentionally designed to help achieve the School’s mission through practical, hands-on engagement. Some specific outcomes targeted by outdoor experiences include:

  • Developing initiative, perseverance, problem-solving and compassion by immersion in challenging endeavours (character);
  • Achieving curriculum outcomes through experiential means (scholarship);
  • Providing opportunities for practical and intentional leadership;
  • Building relationships through a small group context;
  • Fostering life-long physical activity in the outdoors.

Trips range in length from part of a day (younger groups) to four days and are supervised by selected staff who already know students from the classroom or campus environment.