Student Services

The Student Services department at STS supports our students’ learning as well as their social and emotional needs and educational planning. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. 

At STS, we recognize diversity in learning and we work collaboratively with all stakeholders to implement resources and strategies to support students in reaching their personal potential. All stakeholders are responsible to act as student advocates.  Click on the Model of Learning Support document below which outlines the progression of a collaborative approach to learning.

Our Student Services team provides a variety of support through a collaborative model which includes all members of our school community.

Larry Clark

Mr. Larry Clark

Guidance Counselor and Director of Student Services

Mr. Clark's primary role is to support the social and emotional needs of Grades 7 to 12 students. He coordinates referrals to the team and acts as a liaison between students, parents, teachers and specialists.

Elaine Chotowetz

Mrs. Elaine Chotowetz

Elementary School Learning Strategist

Mrs. Chotowetz collaborates with students, teachers and parents to provide support, resources and strategies for our Grades 1 to 6 students. She coordinates ongoing benchmark assessments and facilitates accommodations.

Our Learning Strategists, Ms. Roth and Ms. Kennedy, work with students, teachers and parents to support the learning of all students in Grades 7-12.  They help teachers plan in-class learning, coordinate accommodations for assessments, and provide resources and strategies for all members of a student’s learning team.  They work closely with Mr. Clark and Ms. Caines to provide a holistic level of support for our Middle and Senior students.

Lisa Roth

Mrs. Lisa Roth

Middle School Learning Strategist (Grades 7-9)
Tina Kennedy

Ms. Tina Kennedy

Senior School Learning Strategist (Grades 10-12)
Jana-Lynn Caines

Ms. Jana-Lynn Caines

University Counselor

Ms. Caines delivers regularly scheduled university planning workshops for Grades 11 and 12 students, and is available to work with any Senior School student in choosing their current courses to support their preferred post-secondary path.  If Senior School students or their parents have any questions regarding post-secondary planning, please contact Ms. Caines.

Brent Macdonald

Dr. Brent Macdonald


Dr. Brent Macdonald is our consulting psychologist.  Dr. Macdonald conducts psycho-educational assessments, collaborates with faculty, students and parents with regard to student learning and mental health. He can also provide short term counselling for students.

Tasha Belix

Tasha Belix


Tasha Belix is our consulting psychologist.  Tasha's passion is to support youth to learn skills of emotion-regulation, to be able to tolerate hard emotions, practice the steps to engage in healthy conflict resolution and to build a toolbox of healthy skills to manage stress, for their whole life. Tasha provides counselling support, education and group workshops to the whole Strathcona-Tweedsmiur community.

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