Annual Giving

Everything STS students benefit from today is due to the generosity of past generations of donors. Your gift – of any size – makes our STS even better and ensures we are creating our school's bold future together.

The STS community is steeped in a culture of participation. At school, students have an astounding number of choices outside of their core subjects that help them discover themselves, and the world. 

Did you know that tuition fees and some government grants cover all operating expenses, and fundraising dollars provide any program or campus enhancements? To give every student in each generation the true STS experience, we rely on donors like you.

Maximize your Giving!

To maximize the impact of your gift while minimizing tax implications we welcome you to use this useful tool made specifically for STS called Giftabulator.  This invaluable easy-to-use tool enables donors to give smartly, and in the best way for them, by making it easy for them to calculate tax benefits, giving options, etc. Try it out here.

This year’s annual giving priorities embrace the global competencies our students need to be successful and affirm our commitment to excellence in education through Head’s Initiatives, investing in our students through Scholarships and Bursaries, advancing professional development to ensure STS attracts, develops, and retains exceptionally talented and committed faculty through Teaching Excellence, and Enhancing Outdoor Wellness and Learning Opportunities, to learn beyond the classroom.


Priority 7


Head's Initiatives

Gifts directed to the Head’s Initiatives provide the most flexibility to the Head of School to respond and direct funds where they are needed the most. Donations to Head’s initiatives have in the past supported exceptional programming, upgrades to facilities, updates in our design and innovation spaces, and overall campus enhancements that the community benefits from today.

Priority 8


Enhancing Outdoor Wellness and Learning Opportunities

In a connected world, our roots matter, as does our ability to learn beyond the indoor classroom. Let’s broaden our student's experience by providing enhanced outdoor learning and wellness activities that will appeal to students of all ages and interests.  Our wish list includes, but is not limited to, natural classroom seating in multiple locations throughout the campus, skateboard ramps, trail bikes, striders, rollerblades, pond/dock improvements, and a composting toilet for the campus learning campsites. Your gift will help us create an even better interdisciplinary, nature-based learning experience on our incredible campus, promoting well-being, reflection, and nature literacy.

Priority 10


Scholarships and Bursaries

This essential program ensures that financial barriers do not exclude exceptional students from benefitting from an STS education.  Recipients of financial assistance contribute to our STS community in countless ways and always make us so proud.  We are grateful for the vision of past donors in understanding the benefit of an endowment for generations of future students. 

Thanks to our donors, 24% of our students are on some form of need-based and/or merit-based scholarships this school year.

Please help us keep our families together by donating to scholarships and bursaries.

Priority 12


Teaching Excellence

Help attract, develop, and retain the most engaging and innovative subject matter experts. Let’s further STS as a centre for teaching excellence by augmenting professional development to bring advances in academic research to the classroom. This is essential as we continue to ensure the best people, strategies and learning are available to our community.


How to Give 

There are several easy methods to make your contribution: 

  • Try this easy tool "Giftabulator" to figure out the best way to give. 
  • Donate online with a credit card 
  • Call us at 403-938-8318 to make gifting arrangements
  • Mail a cheque, payable to Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. Print and complete this form and mail your cheque to:

    Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
    RR2, Okotoks, AB  T1S 1A2
    Attention: Brenda Thompson
STS Giving Day

STS Giving Day

Join the STS community in a special, one-day movement of generosity!



Estimate your giving potential with appreciated assets such as stocks, mutual funds and RRSPs/RRIFs. The Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Giftabulator will walk you through the best ways to give with pretax dollars to optimize your end of the year tax savings.