You say:


We say: YES, AND

Get ready to create the school experience you want with STAND – the ultimate hybrid program that lets you learn on your own terms. Whether you prefer to study at home or on the go, you'll join a community of like-minded students saying YES to their futures. Here, you'll have the freedom to explore your passions and tackle advanced academics with one day a week of in-person immersive, studio-based learning at Platform Calgary and STS main campus – and four days a week wherever you learn best.

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A New Way to
Do School


The best of both worlds

As a collegiate school, we offer supplementary programming designed in partnership with post-secondary institutions and industry to close the talent gap, providing additional in person learning opportunities through dual-credit, industry credentials and immersive learning.


Networking opportunities

You’ll meet other students at Platform Calgary and other partner organizations who are just as passionate about their futures as you are – and might turn out to be your future co-workers! We’ll also connect you with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in our unique program streams, so you can apply what you’re learning to the real world – and get a jump start on making connections in your field.


Personalized learning

Our teachers have the time to go above and beyond to give you an education that's tailored just for you. You’ll meet with them one-on-one each week and connect in person. All core courses have multiple options for start dates and pace. You’ll also be able to choose unique program streams to dive deeper into your areas of interest, like Digital Arts, Sustainability & Stewardship, and Design Technologies.


Your future starts today

Remote/flexible work is the new reality – and we’re here to make sure you’re ready for it after graduation with a skillset that balances independence, flexibility, structure, innovation, and self-management.


Yes, and…

We believe that school should fit you (not the other way around). You might be busy pursuing opportunities in music, acting, dance, or sports. Maybe you have a chance to start your career while you finish school. Or maybe a traditional classroom just isn’t the best place for you to learn. We say YES to all of this… AND offer a chance to have all this plus a world class education.

It’s School, But Different

At STAND, we're innovating to create a new approach to school… and our students succeed through innovation too. We use the Design Cycle to teach you how to identify and explore new ideas and bring them to life – through specialty classes and across every subject area. We're all about giving you real-world experiences too, so we partner with colleges, businesses, and startups to give you a taste of the real world. We'll give you the skills you need to succeed and to be a leader in your chosen field.


Sustainability and Stewardship


Digital Arts


Design Technology, Computer Science

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Program Cost and
How to Apply

STAND offers a flexible tuition structure to suit your unique needs. Annual tuition for students is $15,375 (CDN)/year plus uniform and classroom supplies. Find more information in the FAQs below on single course fees.

The uniform is business casual (think: branded polo shirts). Students will have the option to bring their own laptop that meets the school's requirements or pay a small fee to use one provided by the school. Either way, the school will provide all the necessary software.

We’re accepting applications now for Fall 2024. Talk to our admissions team today to request more information or to start your application.


Why did STS create STAND?

Because we're trailblazers at heart. Education is changing – and so is the world we live and work in – and we want to be at the forefront by creating a studio school that's ready for the modern economy (and whatever comes next).

Over the past couple of years, it was so clear that every student learns differently – many students struggled with remote learning, but others thrived. We wanted to create a pathway for you to continue learning in the way you do best – without sacrificing the importance of in-person collaboration or a strong academic program.

What makes STAND different?

Our flexible schedule and personalized learning streams. We're offering the best of both worlds by offering a mostly-online program with one day a week together in person. And our programming is all about Calgary's startup culture – centered around Platform Calgary and developed using skills that are in-demand across all sectors. We're not just a school, we're a game-changer.

What about extra-curricular activities?

Our schedule and model at STAND allows you to have the time and flexibility you need to pursue your interests outside of school. If you’re looking for more traditional school options, we are able to offer select extra-curricular opportunities to STAND students through our STS Spartan programming. Please note that not all extra-curricular activities at STS will be available to STAND students, and we are not able to provide transportation between campuses. Talk to our admissions team for more information.

How do I know if STAND is right for me?

STAND students are naturally collaborative and great communicators. You’re able to work independently with less structure than a traditional school program. You know that you learn better at home, or when you can choose where and how you work. You’re self-motivated, you’re comfortable asking for help, you want to challenge yourself academically, and you want to explore the opportunities a progressive hybrid educational model can offer.

What do you mean by “YES, AND”?

Our parent school (STS) encourages students to say YES to their futures. STAND takes that one step farther. We drew inspiration from the world of improv and the idea that meeting every challenge and obstacle with the attitude of YES, AND – building on what you have to work with, and exploring where each scene will take you – will take you farther than you can imagine. We want to be known not just as The School of Yes, but The School of Yes, And.

What is the admission process?

Step One: Inquire

Fill out an online inquiry to request more information and stay informed.

Step Two: Let's Meet

Get to know STAND. In response to you inquiry, an introductory meeting will be scheduled that will cover general information about the program, our diverse offerings, our culture, and offer you an opportunity to communicate what you are hoping for in a school.

Step Three: Apply

Complete an application. This application must include the following information:

  • Most current report card
  • A reference from a current teacher
  • Learner Persona

Step Four: Arrange an Interview

After we receive your online application, we will contact you to arrange an interview for admission.

Step Five: Decision Deadline

Decision letters will be sent to applicants regarding admission.

How much will it cost?

STAND school offers a flexible tuition structure to suit your unique needs.

STAND school tuition = $15, 375

Application fee = $140

STAND school Fee Schedule

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