Senior School Arts

Senior School Arts 

Students in Senior School continue with the practice of the fine arts. Particularly in the IB track, they delve more deeply into the "study" of the disciplines. 

We emphasize a comprehensive understanding of the history, theory and analysis of music and theatre. Many of the fine arts courses are inquiry-based, so students become more adept at seeking the knowledge they need to inform their inquiry, and at articulating their independent ideas.

Using their developing critical thinking skills, IB students complete independent research projects and final exhibitions of their work in music, visual art, and drama. 


Hot Art, Cool Jazz brings music and visual art together for an evening featuring all band students and the artwork of students in Grades 7 to 11. 

The Graduation Show features the work of Art 30 students, including the Independent Term students' work. 


Our students examine both Western and international traditions to become skilled practitioners and gain a broad, life-long appreciation for music. Studies include music theory, history, and analysis, and culminate in a Senior year recital. 

Visual Art

We focus on the culture of creativity in Grade 10, helping students to use transdisciplinary thinking and their ability to imagine. In Grades 11 and 12, we move into a review of technical drawing, conceptual thinking and multiple mixed media projects. Students have increasing responsibility for developing both technical skills and personal "voice" in assignment-driven work. 

In the final term, Art 30 students research and produce independent work. In our new facilities, there's enough space for students to leave their projects in production for long periods, making it easier to sustain the work effort. 

Senior High Drama 

Students discover all facets of theatre through Grades 10 to 12, including movement, improvisation, and acting with scripts. They’ll learn about script analysis, voice, playwriting and, finally, directing and marketing. During their studies, they have the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of theatre, such as lighting and set-building.

Fine Arts Co-Curricular Programs 

Senior band 

Senior Band is a credit course for Grades 10 to 12 students and takes place before school hours, twice per week. They perform at various concerts, festivals and community events. Each year, the group travels to a provincial, national or international location such as Banff, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austria, Russia or Italy. 

Senior Choir

All interested singers are welcome to join the STS Senior Choir to build on the strong musical techniques developed in our regular choral programs. Students perform at school concerts, assemblies, and festivals.

Pit Band 

A smaller group of advanced players accompanies the annual musical, learning the meaningful skill of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Typically, the Pit Band includes wind and brass players, along with keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass and percussion 

Fall Musical Production 

Any Senior School student at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School can participate in the full-scale fall production. Past shows have included classic shows such as Guys and Dolls and My Fair Lady, and contemporary musicals such as Shrek the Musical and Grease. Auditions are held in the spring prior to the November show.

Senior Jazz band and Combo 

Interested players can join the Senior Jazz Band or the smaller, more advanced Senior Jazz Combo. The larger group focuses on big band repertoire with an emphasis on ensemble performance, jazz styles, and improvisation. The smaller, chamber group works on jazz standards and improvisation. Both groups perform at school events, concerts, and community events.

One Act Festival 

Students explore the genre and create a One Act Play to compete in the Zone 5 High School One Act Festival. Each play is under 60 minutes long, and can range from solo pieces to full musical productions. The winning high school moves on to the Provincial Showcase in Red Deer where students not only perform but take workshops from theatre professionals.

Art Club: Art and Entrepreneurship 

The talents and skills of the students result in a variety of art projects to support Round Square fund-raising initiatives. Students experience the joy of new art processes, the positive self-esteem of skillful production and the pride in using their abilities in the service of others. This per-term workshop is open to students in Grades 8 to 12.