"...for me it was an ideal setting...The lessons I learned from the faculty, the athletics, and the OE trips have been invaluable. The friendships I made will last a lifetime." - Craig Adams '95, retired NHL hockey player 

At STS, we encourage each student to develop a life-long love of physical activity. Team and individual sports are available outside of regular physical education class because we believe in the intrinsic rewards of athletics – at all levels.

Successes and failures in all kinds of situations, including athletics, develop character. We focus on the values of sportsmanship and co-operation, along with perseverance towards individual and common goals.

Participation in athletics at STS is wide-ranging and promotes many skills and interests. Opportunities include taking on the roles of captains or managers of teams, or working as student coaches, referees and officials. Students can also organize and run specific athletic events under the supervision of the Athletic Council.

As a result of COVID-19, we have found creative ways to continue offering outstanding athletic experiences to our students. This includes practices and online and/or in-person leadership training through Athletic Council sessions with the guidance of Alberta Health Services. 

Outside of direct participation in athletic activity, there are many other interesting ways to join, enjoy and contribute. We welcome students for:

  • Photography and videography
  • Statistics 
  • Research and journalism 
  • Promotion, and marketing

At year end, we recognize all students who have made significant contribution in the areas of leadership and character at our Athletic Awards Celebration in the Middle and Senior School. 

Ken Zelez

Mr. Ken Zelez

Director of Athletics
Follow STS Spartan Athletics

Follow STS Spartan Athletics

From the Blog

We Are Spartans

Why does the Spartan name continue to evoke such powerful emotions two and a half millennia later? The legacy of these legendary warriors has traveled far beyond the battles in which they fought, and their reputation for discipline and total devotion to excellence on and off the field continues to inspire students, and especially athletes, the world over. Sparta’s fame was not built on having the largest army in ancient Greece, but rather the best trained. Formal education began at the age of seven and continued through adulthood as each member was elevated to their fullest potential. Even now, those elite individuals in any industry or walk of life are often referred to as "Spartans".

STS's Incredible Volleyball Game

You could see the desire to win was so great on the girl’s faces as well as the people on the bench. They knew they were tired but the comeback that they had was so immense that winning this set was in reach. The serve went over and the ball got battered around between the two sides. Then the ball was smashed just out of bounds by one of the Saint Joseph’s girls. This meant that the Spartans won the set 32-30. The amount of sheer joy and excitement on the players and the coaches faces was priceless. This seemingly impossible win from a 10-point deficit propelled our girls to win the next set and by default, the game.

Junior B Girls Volleyball - League Champions

The Junior B Girls volleyball team had a very successful season. With league starting late this year, they competed in two tournaments prior to starting regular season. They learned a lot about their own individual skills and game play, but even more so about how they connect as a team, finishing the regular season undefeated! Coach Baird and I were so impressed with the girls play, effort, teamwork, and grit all season. 

Junior A Girls Volleyball - League and Zone Champions

Our Grade 9 volleyball season was a straight hill climb with coach Rathwell leading the way. We all stayed together and worked as a team to bring the banner to STS. We competed in two out of town tournaments. Our first one was in Strathmore and it was early in the season so we were able to practice our new court rotation. We then competed in Three Hills and overtook Hanna in the final to win the tournament with some outstanding serving. Our team went undefeated in the regular league season.

2021 Spartan Cross Country Season

The 2021 Spartan cross country season has come to an end, and what an exceptional season it was! Both the Middle and Senior School teams demonstrated determination, commitment, enthusiasm, and leadership throughout the season. This season provided opportunities for the Middle School students to train with the Senior School students, allowing them to improve and put themselves against tougher competition.  

Terry Fox Run 2021

Thank you to the STS student and staff community for your participation in our class runs during the week of September 20 – 24, 2021.  It was an amazing demonstration of caring, encouragement and fun! The STS Terry Fox Run is a part of one of Canada’s biggest displays of solidarity against cancer while setting an example of compassion, fostering school spirit, and encouraging physical activity! Our participation over the past 37 years exemplifies our dedication to supporting Terry Fox. 

Say Yes as a Team

It's 7:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and the sounds of sneakers on the floor and athletes calling for the ball drift out from the Sandy Heard Sports Centre. It's not just any normal Tuesday, it's the first day of school in September and the gym is filled with about 30 students working hard and having fun together for volleyball team tryouts, before classes have even started.