Flourish at STS

The teachers saw each of us as singular people and gave us the resources to find out where our particular personalities might lead us. That's an enormous gift. - Judd Palmer, Owner of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Your child is seen, and known, by our entire faculty and staff at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. We all follow the school motto of Nil Nisi Optimum. It means “nothing but your best” and we take enormous pride in doing our best to extend each individual student’s capabilities as scholars, leaders and citizens.

Enhanced by Co-curriculars 

Exploration beyond the classroom is not "extra" at STS. It's essential. We call these studies "co-curricular" rather than "extra-curricular". We believe our robust co-curricular program contributes to the poise and confidence of our students. The program is also an important part of what creates strong connections between students, and with the faculty. 

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Our outstanding faculty personally provide over 90 co-curriculars, guiding each child to explore their interests in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Activities range from speech to athletics, from art to robotics. If your child has a hobby not represented at STS, our teachers have been known to help them form a new club. 

School culture

The combination of academics, options and co-curriculars give your child the chance to satisfy their curiosity and broaden their horizons in unexpected ways. Our culture has long been one of active participation.

Student success in co-curriculars is celebrated. Student art is displayed throughout the School. Respect for participation and achievement is also shown by acknowledgement of students in our regular assemblies. And, enthusiasm for one another's endeavours is revealed as peers enthusiastically cheer each other on at co-curriculars activites. It can be anything from sports to speech, on or off campus — we show up for each other. 

While our teacher-led co-curriculars are energizing and mind-opening, they're also an opportunity to make strong connections with regular class studies. Faculty are intentional in strengthening coursework through co-curriculars. They are also quick to recognize when a student's interest is piqued during class, and will guide the student to a fitting co-curricular to further the classroom experience. 

Quite simply, co-curricular activities contribute to your child's academic skills, leadership abilities and character. 

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School created opportunities for me to discover my skills and passion, but also to push myself into the unknown. - James Cross '80, Professor, University of Calgary 

Character at STS 

As our former head, Dr. William Jones wrote, "A growing body of research in the area of character increasingly supports the notion that certain character traits are stronger predictors of success than academic achievement is in post-secondary education, career and life in general."

Character is something that's developed over time and is demonstrated in everything we do. Your child learns, through all of their activities, what character means. Co-curriculars offer character building through things such as being mindful, organized, intentional to fulfill responsibilities to oneself and others. Trying new things — and sometimes failing — teaches courage and resilience. And the caring nature of STS students flourishes when they mentor younger schoolmates. 

It takes character to be a good citizen. One of the characteristics we model, promote and celebrate empathy. It's a part of daily life at STS. 100% of our students perform community service. They can also partake in Round Square initiatives to take on more volunteerism at a local and international level. 

The Whole Picture  

Explore Student Life to see how your child can grow and thrive at STS. Learn more about student leadership, our comprehensive fine arts program, unique outdoor education, outstanding athletics, and more. If you want to experience STS in person, we invite you to visit our beautiful campus. We’d love to meet you in person, and show you around.

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