Message from the Head of School

Mrs. Carol Grant- WattAs I join the community here, the first thing I notice is that staff, students and alumni refer to Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School as a family. I feel so welcomed already. I extend a warm and special welcome to those considering STS as their school of choice. To our current community, I say thank you. I am so grateful for your trust in, and support for, the STS educational journey. On behalf of everyone at STS, thank you for being the very essence of our family.

Great schools exist when there is a strong partnership between home and school. We share a priority — the well-being and educational success of your children. As your incoming Head of School, I am enthusiastic to get to work. I’m excited to create meaningful opportunities and dwell in possibility.

Excellent learning opportunities in both the classroom and a diverse co-curricular program are at the heart of my educational philosophy. We do that exceptionally well at STS. I encourage students to get involved and take advantage of these experiential opportunities. You’ll make lifelong friends, experience adventure, and find balance in your lives. As exciting as these myriad opportunities are —and our students take part in some fantastic learning opportunities — the real gift of STS is the talented staff and faculty. They’re here to serve your family. It’s the people, not the programs that make a school great, and STS has an outstanding faculty and operations team.

Margaret Wheatley says in Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future:

When we work for the common good, we experience each other in new ways. We don’t worry about differences, or status, or traditional power relationships. We worry about whether we’ll succeed in accomplishing what needs to be done. We focus on the work, not on each other. We learn what trust is. We learn the necessity of good communication. These are always the conditions that bring out our best — we’re focused on something we strongly care about; we work intensely together, inventing solutions as needed; we take all kinds of risks; we communicate constantly.

I can think of no higher priority than the future of our children, and STS can contribute to their journey towards their hopes, dreams and goals. I’ve never been more excited about the future or more optimistic about our ability to deliver a rigourous and relevant educational experience for your children. I look forward to meeting you and learning what’s important to you.

I give you my word that I will work tirelessly to provide the best environment for the STS family. It’s a privilege to be your Head of School.


Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt M.A., B. Ed.


From the Blog

Think outside the box

I have long liked this saying as it has inspired me in my work to find solutions to challenging situations and to dwell in possibility. Albert Einstein wrote: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”, and “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”. 

Getting to Know Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt

We are proud to welcome our new Head of School, Mrs. Carol Grant-Watt. Mrs. Grant-Watt brings her passion and vast experience as an educator and a leader to Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. Get to know Mrs. Grant-Watt as she shares her vision and more about herself in this exclusive interview.

A final farewell from Dr. Jones...

Dr. William Jones, Head of School, retired June 30, 2018. The STS community greatly appreciates Dr. Jones’ extraordinary efforts during his tenure at the School. In his 18-years at STS as Senior School Principal, then Head of School, he created an environment in which students, faculty, and staff, flourished. The STS community sincerely thanks Dr. Jones for his extraordinary service and wishes him well in his future endeavors. 

The Funding of Independent Schools in Alberta

Private school funding has gained some attention recently with criticism from a group called Progress Alberta and a motion by the Edmonton Public School Board to defund private schools. This seems to be an annual occurrence which coincides with the provincial government allocating their budget for the upcoming year. Thankfully the Minister of Education, Minister Eggen, has clearly stated to the media that, “We continue to support the critical role parents play in their children’s education, which includes their ability to choose the school they feel will best ensure their child’s success”.

Character at STS

A growing body of research in the area of character increasingly supports the notion that certain character traits are stronger predictors of success than academic achievement is in post-secondary education, career and life in general.