Vision, Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (STS) is more than a great school - STS inspires journeys that lead our students beyond anything they could have imagined.

Flourish 2031

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Our Vision

STS inspires compassionate, curious, and creative global citizens who lead with courage.

Our Mission

A diverse community where students pursue lives of purpose, flourishing emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our School Motto

Nil nisi optimum: Nothing but our best

At STS we value:

Curiosity... as the first step in deep learning and innovative thinking.

Creativity... as an authentic and entrepreneurial expression of self in relation to problem-solving.

Respect... for ourselves, others, and the earth as a fundamental commitment to how we live our lives.

Kindness... as the well-spring for our shared sense of belonging.

Pluralism... so we are open to, respect, and engage with diversity of thoughts, feelings, and people.

Humility... in order to open ourselves to life-long learning and grow as human beings.

Integrity... living every day with honesty and strong moral principles.

Joy... as an inner feeling that celebrates personal success, well-being, and beautiful moments.

Excellence... as the outcome of giving our best every day.

Resiliency… through the hard work of learning to endure challenges and become stronger.


Our Guiding Principles will act as our compass:

Inspire Leaders... STS offers a collaborative learning environment that empowers students to develop critical and independent thinking skills while exploring a challenging and balanced curriculum built on foundational core knowledge.

Embrace Possibility... By effectively integrating the latest technology and learning methods into the classroom, we can help students be better prepared for a constantly changing world.

See the World as our Classroom... We believe in offering our students a comprehensive array of authentic, real-world experiences that reflect and support our classroom curriculum on a global scale.

Nourish Mind, Body, and Soul... We promote fitness, health, and well-being through academic, athletic, outdoor, and artistic pursuits.

Foster Community... We view the health and safety of our students as paramount, and this begins with fostering strong interpersonal relationships between parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Be Good Humans... We focus on how we can give back to the world and our fellow global citizens; we strive to live lives of purpose and be our best selves.

Honour our Legacy... We treasure our School’s history, strong sense of community, and diversity, and strive to uphold our founding values.