Middle School Arts

Instrumental Music

Students taking instrumental music in Grades 7, 8, and 9 develop skills on their chosen instrument. All rehearsals occur within the timetable. They perform at school events, concerts and festivals. They also attend band camp at Camp Caroline. In addition to developing performance skills, students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) enhance their fine arts experience through composition, improvisation, and group work.

Fine Arts

The aim of the Middle School program in art encourages students not only to create and present art, but to engage in creative processes, make purposeful connections between the self and the bigger world, reflect and comment on art and deepen their understanding of the world, and our humanity, through art practice.  

The Middle School fine arts option is a unique opportunity for students to explore several arts options in Grades 7, 8 and 9. The focus of the Middle School fine arts program is to offer students a diverse arts experience learning through creation, composition, practice, presentation and performance. Fine arts students become competent performers, capable directors, skilled visual artists, and effective commentators on their arts understanding. The program follows a choice continuum, as highlighted below:

Grade 7: all Grade 7 students take a visual art/design course. They can choose to take performing arts as an option, which explores drama and music. 

Grade 8/9: students in performing arts are offered a choice of three arts disciplines which are visual art, drama and music. Choosing their two preferred courses, students pursue each for one semester.

Fine Arts Co-Curricular Programs

STS offers a variety of co-curricular activities to engage students and foster character development and leadership potential. These programs are optional and take place during the morning, lunch hour, and/or after school. 

Junior Choir

The STS Junior Choir is a polished ensemble of Middle School singers. Choir participation is open to all interested Middle School singers. The Junior Choir performs at two annual school concerts along with other internal and external performance opportunities. The Junior Choir has performed extensively including the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival, Choralfest South and the Alberta Provincial Music Festival.

Intermediate Jazz Band

All Middle School bands turn into jazz ensembles in the month of April to perform at an evening of Hot Art, Cool Jazz. In addition to the jazz unit, this co-curricular group performs at school concerts and assemblies. The focus of the group is to be introduced to the style of jazz band music and improvisation. 

Middle School Production

Each spring, students in Grades 7 to 9 delight audiences with two evening play performances in the C.A. Smith Arts Centre. More than 50 students take part as actors, crew members, and designers in this annual event. Students are encouraged to audition in January. 

Art Club: Art and Entrepreneurship

Recently offered, students use their talents and skills in making a variety of art projects to support Round Square fund-raising initiatives. Students experience the joy of new art processes, the positive self-esteem of skillful production and the pride in using their abilities in the service of others. Workshop offered per term. This workshop is open to students from Grades 8 to 12.