Scholarships and Bursaries

STS awarded over $535,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students this year.

Available assistance at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

We are committed to making an STS education accessible to as many families as possible – we appreciate diversity and welcome all students who benefit most from our education. 

You can apply for financial assistance in the form of bursaries, based on financial need, and scholarships, based on a model of excellence in scholarship, leadership, and character. Submit your financial assistance applications at the time you apply for entry to STS, and throughout your time in the STS community.

Financial Assistance applications are accepted annually between October 1 - February 14 for the next school year starting in September.



If a student is a perfect fit for STS, a bursary makes it possible to attend – regardless of family income. Need-based bursaries are offered to families who demonstrate a gap between their available income and the expected cost of a STS education. Naturally, we keep your financial documentation in the strictest of confidence. New and current STS families can apply for bursaries each academic year. 

How do I apply for a bursary?

First, visit Apple Financial Services for Canadian Students. There, you’ll find all the information you need and the complete application process.

Apple Financial Services looks at your information and makes a recommendation to our internal Financial Assistance Committee. The committee reviews each application and awards assistance based on the recommendation.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, just complete the application on the Apple Financial Services website.

Do you need additional information? Contact the Enrollment Office at 403-938-8326 or email We’re here to help.


When will I know if I will receive a bursary?

Typically, the bursary allocation process takes about a month after the February 14 deadline, so you should be notified in March.



You can apply for several scholarships. For new students, we have the STS Entry Scholarship program. For new and current students, we offer five different Forever Woods Endowment Fund Scholarships.

STS Entry Scholarship Program

Are you a new student entering Grade 5 to 12? Based on your excellence in scholarship, your compassionate character, and your leadership abilities, you can receive up to $5,000 your first year at STS from the STS Entry Scholarship program. Your STS Entry Scholarship application is due at the time of your application for admission to STS. Only new students to STS are eligible for STS Entry Scholarships.

If your application for entry to the School is approved, you’ll receive the result of your STS Entry Scholarship with your notification of acceptance.

For more information about the STS Entry Scholarship program, please email


Forever Woods Endowment Fund

The Forever Woods Endowment Fund supports three-year scholarships for students entering Grade 10 at STS in the form of the Forever Woods Scholarship. Both students new to STS and continuing their education at STS are eligible to apply. Scholarships are given to the top applicants who show both financial need and impeccable merit (academic, character and leadership). Learn more about each scholarship below. New Grade 10 applicants must submit a Forever Woods Scholarship application with your application package before February 14. Current students at STS in Grade 9 must complete their Forever Woods Scholarship application by March 1.


Forever Woods Scholarships

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Following a tragic avalanche that took the lives of seven students on February 1, 2003, a group of donors established The Forever Woods Endowment Fund. The Fund helps all of us remember and honour the lives of students Ben Albert, Dan Arato, Scott Broshko, Alexander (Alex) Pattillo, Michael Shaw, Marissa Staddon and Jeffrey Trickett. 

The personal qualities of each student are honoured in keeping with the wishes of each student's family.

Ben Albert Scholarship

Ben loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was an exceptional athlete and consistently gave his best in everything he did - in school, in sports and in life. His drive and determination were outshone only by his renowned sense of humour and he was an outstanding and valuable member of the school community.

Awarded to students who best represent and reflect the outstanding qualities of Ben Albert, including excellence in academics and athletics, and fine character. 

Scott Broshko Scholarship

Scott’s attitude was the epitome of what life is all about. He was an unbelievable young man who lived by the motto, “Be Your Best.” 

Scott treated his family and friends with kindness and generosity of spirit lived his life with great love and compassion and always maintained the highest standard of honesty and integrity. His Christian values and ideals were transparent in his daily life. Scott worked diligently and was committed to being the best that he could be. He was an academic, an athlete, and a musician. He made others feel good about themselves, was accepting and non-judgmental. His team spirit and enthusiasm for life was contagious.

Awarded in honour of Scott Broshko to a capable male or female student who, as Scott did, lives by the motto “Be your Best”.

Michael Shaw Scholarship

Michael Shaw brought integrity, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and strength of character to STS. It was these fine qualities, combined with his welcoming nature and warm sense of humour, which made him a valuable member of the School community.

Awarded to capable students who best represent and reflect the many exceptional qualities of Michael Shaw including excellence in academics, participation in the outdoor education program, and who exhibit a well-rounded nature through participation in service and co-curricular activities.

Marissa Staddon Scholarship

Marissa Staddon was committed to giving of herself and to excellence in all of her endeavours - academic, athletic, and co-curricular. She displayed a generosity of spirit that exemplified thoughtfulness, kindness, camaraderie, and strength of character. It was these qualities, combined with her friendly nature and warm sense of humour, which made her a valuable member of the school community.

This scholarship is aimed at young women who best represent and reflect the many fine qualities of Marissa Staddon including excellence in academics, and a generosity of spirit as indicated by their participation in service and co-curricular activities.

Jeffrey Trickett Scholarship

Jeff was an outstanding young man, who exhibited well-rounded balance and achieved excellence in all he attempted - whether academics, athletics or the arts. Whether on the basketball court, in class, or in the band, Jeff always had a heart warming laugh, dedicated work ethic, and competitive instinct. His example was such that he inspired those around him to be better people, and in all ways he truly left his school greater, better and more beautiful than he found it.

Awarded to students who best represent and reflect the many fine qualities of Jeffrey Trickett including excellence in academics, and a commitment to and proficiency in athletics and/or the arts - specifically, band and music.

Complete application packages should be emailed to: Find out more about how to apply and what to include in an application package here.


Along with Forever Woods scholarships, the Forever Woods Endowment Fund remembers Dan Arato with a special team-building day for STS students, and celebrates the lives of Alexander (Alex) Pattillo and Megan Bensler with support for Fine Arts at STS.