Pattillo/Bensler Family Theatre Fund

The purpose of this Fund is to provide annual recognition in honour of Alexander (Alex) Pattillo and Megan Bensler, two STS students who made an outstanding contribution to drama and/or musical theatre at the School. 

About Alex Pattillo and Megan Bensler

Alex's talent and zest for the performing arts was renowned at STS. He was an exceptional actor and his contributions to theatre arts and productions made him a star in everyone's eyes. Perhaps his true talent lay, however, in his innate ability to - through theatre - bring out not only the best in himself, but in those around him. Indeed, Alex may very well have lived by the Thespian's credo, "Act well your part, there all the honour lies".

While Megan's true passion was music, she also proved herself to be a focused, unselfish and dedicated performer on stage. She never failed to bring positive energy to both rehearsals and performances. She was a director's delight as she listened intelligently and incorporated the directions into her performance. She demonstrated the same care in relating to her fellow actors. She was a true credit to the drama program. Megan tragically lost her life in a traffic accident.

Patillo Bensler Family Theatre Fund February 2017
Drama 20 and 30 at Theatre Calgary's production of 'The Audience' - February 2017

On February 9, 2017 the Drama 20 and 30 classes spent the day with The Queen at Theatre Calgary’s production of ‘The Audience’.  Peter Morgan’s play highlights her majesty’s audiences with several of her Prime Minister’s during her reign.  The acting was exceptional, especially the performance by Seana McKenna, who plays the various ages of The Queen.  She shuffles back and forth between the ages both physically and vocally with clarity and ease.  It was also exciting to see Forever Woods Scholar and STS Drama 10 student, Zasha Rabie ’19 perform as young Elizabeth in the production. The students not only saw the performance but were part of a talk back discussion with five of the actors and asked some great questions.  Finally, the students had the opportunity to have a backstage tour to see how the magic of theatre was created.  Standing on stage, the group got to feel what it would be like to work on a raked stage.  The entire field trip was a great opportunity for our students to witness live theatre and was sponsored through the Patillo/Bensler Family Theatre Fund.

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