Fine Arts

The Arts have long held a place of importance in the history and tradition of Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School.

Our investment in arts teaching and learning is evident in both the diversity of arts learning opportunities as well as the depth of expertise provided by the STS arts faculty. Faculty experts provide structured and sequential arts learning that is both enriching and experiential. Located in our state of the art facility, arts learners and educators find daily inspiration across arts disciplines and divisions.

The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. One of their large lessons is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world. - Elliot W. Eisner

Arts learning at STS is dynamic and rooted in four key values that ensure optimal student learning experiences. At STS, creative work in the arts encourages students to explore, process, and express ideas about themselves and the world.  Collaboration in STS arts produces a community of enthusiastic, multi-disciplinary artists and patrons who appreciate the value of arts in the world. Engagement in the arts provides meaningful learning experiences that connect student passion with student commitment. Mastery in the arts encourages students to become skilled, knowledgeable, and persistent learners. And mastery in the arts has a transformative effect on the learner, balancing the importance of process with product and performance.