Global Scholar Diploma

Our students find themselves in an increasingly globalized world where their actions and the actions of others generate interconnected environmental, societal, political and economic consequences. 

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School has introduced the Global Scholar Diploma to both celebrate what our students are already doing, to have them think about how their everyday work impacts and creates a long-term difference globally, and to set them on a path to continue to demonstrate leadership in the world.

The Global Scholar Diploma celebrates and focuses on what has long been a tradition of experiential learning at STS, providing students with a framework for their academic, co-curricular and experiential opportunities. 

The Global Scholar Diploma consists of the following:


Care for others is a fundamental value that is cherished at STS. Service builds strong relationships within our community, while forging ties with new groups and cultures. Such interactions will help students develop an appreciation for difference, the value of diversity and understanding, and empathy for those who have a different experience from their own. Whether they participate in one of the countless service opportunities sponsored by STS, those offered by the wider community, or generate an initiative themselves, students will grow from taking on personal challenges and working collaboratively in a team environment, in the service of others.


Global Scholars LeadershipGlobalization is driving change at an unprecedented pace and strong, visionary leaders will be required to manage the change process. Whether in a position of formal leadership, providing thoughtful direction when opportunities freely present themselves, or in supportive mentoring roles, global citizens take an active role in leading positive change. Through practical and intentional leadership experiences student leaders will model a commitment to ethical conduct, an ability to accomplish the task at hand, display adaptability in valuing and incorporating diverse ideas and approaches, as well as build and maintain effective relationships. 

Active Living/Human Experience

Students strive to live an active lifestyle that has at its core a shared human experience.  In order to be a global citizen, one must engage with others in experiences that bring groups of people together.  Athletics, Outdoor Education, Fine Arts and Exchange Programs have at their core human interactions that lead to a mutual understanding of the global world.  It is through these endeavours that students learn the values of fair conduct, co-operation, determination and perseverance towards a common goal.  Through active engagement in our co-curricular activities, students must demonstrate an understanding of the human experience when engaging with others.

Communication and Relationships

Effective and respectful communication is the foundation of positive relationships, which are central to effectively meeting local, national and international challenges. Students display effective communication in their interactions by demonstrating empathy and respect for others, appreciating other cultures, and dealing with differences in the attitudes, values and behaviors of others. These attributes will be essential to students in the process of developing a shared meaning and shared sense of purpose with those they work with. 

Environmental Stewardship

It is becoming increasingly clear that the political, social, cultural and economic forces that are driving the process of globalization are presenting a significant threat to our shared environment, and that our actions have far-reaching consequences.  Our students will be challenged to steward wise and sustainable interaction with our natural environment and the world’s finite resources. As global citizens, students will be able to demonstrate their capacity to think critically about such challenges and engage the change process through, for example, the development of awareness campaigns, collaborative formation of environmental change initiatives, or (interdisciplinary) academic research.