Student Services

My years at STS formed a foundation that has enabled me to achieve much more than I could have imagined, both in my career and on a personal level. Thank you for the years of mentoring, learning and guidance that have shaped me into the person I am today. - Shannon Bowen-Smed '82, President and CEO, Bowen Workplace Solutions

Well-being, academic success, and discovering your personal best is our priority at STS. Student Services supports learning, social and emotional needs, and educational planning.

Personalized learning 

It starts in the classroom with teachers committed to supporting diverse learning styles to ensure students reach their full academic potential. Personal attention is the norm; because there are small class sizes at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir. 

Beginning in Middle School, students meet with their dedicated advisor every week in addition to a five minute advisor period every morning. Together, they set goals and work on self-management skills. This continues in Grade 10 with a dedicated period for student/advisor interaction. And, all Senior School students have devoted time to seek help in any subject. 

Collaborative support 

Beyond the classroom, student support is highly collaborative. Teachers meet weekly with our learning strategists to track the progress of students. They identify targeted support where needed, which could include:

  • Weekly meetings between a student and a learning strategist.
  • Involvement of parents for added support.

Our learning strategists work with the entire school community to provide the right support at the right time.

Specialized attention 

When needed, our learning strategists develop a program that could include:

  • An academic profile for consistency for the entire team; 
  • Counselling; 
  • Essential learning skill development including organization, study habits, planning, and time management;
  • Communication coordination with parents and faculty.

Together, we make sure every student achieves their personal best. 

View the Model of Learning Support Process for more information. 

University preparation 

What should I do after high school?

Choosing a path to university studies can be a bit overwhelming. Students at STS work with our university counsellors to plan post-secondary studies. In Grades 11 and 12, University Planning is a regular course.

Uncovering each student’s motivations and priorities mark the beginning of the journey to university. We use the Strong Interest Inventory assessment and student reflection to help students determine possible future career paths, and in turn, choose their high school courses. They’ll learn about different careers from invited guests, and attend our large university fair. Two university tours round out their introduction to post-secondary options.

To foster academic excellence, leadership and character is our mission at STS. We strive to continue that development into the future.

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