Model United Nations

Student delegates "sit" on a simulated committee of an international organization, such as the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the African Union or the International Monetary Fund. Representing a country's position on a global issue, they work collaboratively towards a resolution. Their challenge is to promote international co-operation while adhering to objectives of national interest.

The Model United Nations program strengthens students’ research, debate and consensus-building skills. It also fosters an understanding of the complex forces around global issues, and an appreciation of different perspectives.


Middle School: Grade 9

The introduction to Model United Nations begins in Grade 9. In a full-day Model UN simulation, they tackle issues such as corporate responsibility, the crisis in Darfur, or workable solutions to the fossil fuel crisis. Students strive to build coalitions and a plan of action to promote international cooperation. All the while, they must adhere to objectives of national interest and their government’s foreign policy.

Students frequently comment that this program sparks their interest in international affairs and diplomacy. The topics create links between their academic studies and what is happening internationally on the world’s stage.

Senior School 

Senior School students can attend local or national Model UN conferences hosted by such prestigious institutions as the University of Toronto, Georgetown University and Berkeley. Here, they have the opportunity to work with delegates from around the world for a truly international experience.

STS Model UN students recently participated in one of the most prestigious Model UN conferences: the National High School Model United Nations held in New York City. Over three days, in 18 hours of debate with delegates from more than 50 countries, 10 STS students practiced negotiation and deal-making. The focus of the conference topics is to make the world a better, safer place. Our students acted as confident emissaries for STS, winning an Award of Excellence for their research, preparation and contributions made to resolution building.

International Policitcs 30 isn't a requirement for Model UN, but it does help students prepare for annual international conferences. The course looks at tension between national interests and internationalism. 

Senior students also gain leadership experience helping to plan the Grade 9 Model UN.